Animal Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Animal Cookies Auto is an Indica dominant and a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. It has a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks, and it prefers to grow in a sunny and humid environment. This strain emits vanilla, nutty, citrus, earthy, and sweet flavor with its refreshing aroma. Animal Cookies Auto contains 19-23% THC level and 1% CBD level, making it an excellent recreational and medicinal usage option. This strain is high-yielding and offers a great growing experience.

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Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 312g/sq meter indoors / 369g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Vanilla, Nutty, Citrus, Earthy, Sweet
THC Level: 19-23%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: Around September
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Flavor and Effects of Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain?

Animal Cookies Auto’ smoke has a nutty, creamy, and vanilla flavor. This incredibly flavorful bud has citrus hints with an earthy note, making this plant a delightful plant to smoke, especially if you have a sugar craving. Animal Cookies Auto gives you a short-term high that lasts a long time. You will encounter a heavy couch lock if you take larger doses, going to make you feel immediately relaxed and unwounded. It’s a great option if you’d like some help at the end of a very long and stressful day but want to forget all your problems.

What are the Medical Benefits of Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain?

Animals Cookies Auto is a smooth and potent strain that is common among medical marijuana patients. It has a full-bodied feel and is undeniably calming, making it an excellent option for patients looking for a little extra help relaxing and an effective stress management technique. This strain is supplied to most patients and provides them relaxation and relieves their aches and pains. Animals Cookies Auto can treat muscle spasms, joint pains, and backaches, making life simpler and more enjoyable for long-term sufferers. Animal Cookies Autoflower is also beneficial to those who have trouble falling asleep, so doctors commonly prescribe it to insomniacs. This strain has a great medicinal application in treating nausea in cancer patients who are trying to regain a healthy diet following chemical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Animal Cookies Autoflower Strain

In some rare cases, Animal Cookies Auto can induce dizziness and paranoia, but this will only occur if you consume it or ingest large quantities of it. The most common symptom of Animal Cookies is dehydration that induces the mouth to feel thirsty and dry. You may have itchy and dry eyes, and some users experience general anxiety.

How to Grow Animal Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Animal Cookies Auto is a difficult strain to grow, and it is suggested only for experienced growers. This strain is typically grown indoors, giving you more control over the environment’s data. Trimming is needed regularly for this strain, as well as careful ventilation. When cultivated indoors, it will grow to be medium-to-tall, flowering, and ready to harvest in 9 to 10 weeks, with an average yield of 312g/sq meter. Animal Cookies Auto should be stored in a dark, dry environment and ventilation if you want to grow it outdoors. This strain grown outdoors will produce approximately 369g/plant throughout the harvest, and you can expect a harvest around September.


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