Angel OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Angel OG Auto is an Indica dominant and a hybrid of Blackberry and OG Kush. It has a flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks, and it prefers to grow in a sunny and Mediterranean climate. This strain emits citrus, wood, blackberries, and sweet flavor with a delightful aroma which offers a refreshing and amusing feeling. Angel OG Auto contains 20% THC level and 0.2% CBD level, making it an ideal strain for recreational and medicinal usage. This plant can flourish well both indoors and outdoors, and it can produce generous yields.

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Angel OGĀ  Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: Blackberry X OG Kush
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 340g/sq meter indoors / 454g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Citrus, Wood, Blackberries, Sweet
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 0.2%
Height: 183 cm
Harvest Period: Around October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Angel OG Autoflower?

Angel OG Auto does not turn you into a cruel criminal, contrary to popular belief. E-cigarettes turn their consumers into mellow, relaxed individuals. It starts with a slight increase in pressure, which causes puffiness in the eyes. Some users feel dizziness, but it is only temporary. When used daily, these variants are uplifting. This medicine, consumers say, is more innovative than any other. It’s not uncommon to hear someone else in the neighborhood chatting. Angel OG Auto’s tale is almost over. As its symptoms intensify, many people become quiet and withdraw. Its flavors will contribute to a beautiful experience. Some people’s anxiety levels have increased. Angel OG Auto has a good scent but no distinct flavor as a result. An unusual blend of wood and citrus creates a delicious flavor. It’s worth remembering that the smoke when inhaled isn’t entirely smooth.

What are the Medical Benefits of Angel OG Autoflower?

Angel OG Auto is a beautiful and rewarding strain for regular users, and it’s the most prominent strain among medicinal marijuana users. It’s a potent Indica that relieves pain and relaxes the body. It is easier to let go of tension when one is at ease. Its application would provide relief to those who are depressed, and the physical maximum fades away after a few hours. Users will become exhausted and sleepy. This strain is ideal for late-night use and when you have nothing else to do. People who have insomnia may benefit from sleeping pills.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Angel OG Autoflower

Angel OG Auto has some negatives as well. Dry mouth and eyes are the possible side effects. In higher doses, it can induce anxiety and fear in the patient. By drinking this strain in control, you will avoid any of these negative consequences.

How to Grow Angel OG Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana production has remained a secret. Angel OG Auto likes a tropical climate and can thrive with a little more humidity. Assume that it can survive in the open air, but not in a structure. Angel OG Auto does not grow to be taller than 183 centimeters. There would be a long and thin trunk as well as lateral branches. Cultivating this plant indoors does not appear to be a concern. Angel OG Auto has a quicker flowering period than Indica strains. Its grower must be able to collect 340g/sq meter after 7 to 9 weeks. Being an accomplished grower in an open environment is a little more complicated. Getting clipping from an established plant is time-consuming. The better autumn days were all those when you get something for your efforts. When Angel OG Auto matures, it can produce 454g/plant outdoors.


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