Afghani Drifter Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The strong hybrid strain known as Afghani Drifter produced a peaceful, balanced high with soothing effects on the body and mind. If you enjoy cannabis with an earthy, hashy, and hops flavor profile, we advise you to check it out here at Crop King Seeds.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Afghani Kush x Skunk
Dominant: Indica
Flowering Time: N/A
CBD Content: 22-28%
THC Content: 0.0-0.1%
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What is Afghani Drifter Strain?

Afghani Drifter— is from cross parents of Afghani Kush and Skunk, an indica dominant strain. This strain has a high of 22-28% CBD and 0.0-0.1% THC content that will set you up in a peaceful and balanced high. Inhalation triggers the beginning of the “high,” which gradually intensifies throughout the first 20 minutes. This launch profile is highly fascinating since the intensity is a strong, sustained increase. At the 20 minute point, ecstatic intensity was the main expression. The impact is not being aware of how “Stoned” it is suddenly you realize “WOW” you’re very “high.” Although there is mental clarity, hazy reasoning predominates. Of course, happiness and joy are added bonuses.

Growing Information of Afghani Drifter Strain

Because it is believed that large, attractive buds should remain as large and attractive as possible, this cultivar is mostly available in a 7.0 g size only. Each 7.0 g jar has one enormous top cola and little to medium-sized buds throughout the rest of the container.

How to Grow Afghani Drifter Strain

This strain has lots of types to grow from. It can be grown in jars and can be stored in their respective temperature depending on the strains’ genetics.

Medical Benefits of Afghani Drifter Strain

Although there is no scientific evidence to support these possible impacts, various consumers’ usage of cannabis products may have particular effects on them. Everybody responds differently to cannabis, and a user’s response to various cannabis products may change based on the strain, strength, mode of intake, and other factors. Consuming a modest quantity of cannabis and seeing the effects is the only way to predict how it will impact you. Always get off to a sluggish start. But with Afghani Drifter Strain, you’ll feel a balanced and peaceful high that has sooting effects on your body and mind.

Strain Aroma

– A substantial terpene content, lead by myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, which emits copious amounts of hashy, earthy aromas with a powerful blast of funky musk and pepper spice notes, balances this intensity.

Strain Flavor

– This strain has an earthy and hashy flavor profile.

Strain Appearance

– Its brilliant green buds are lavishly interwoven with filaments that are orange in color and are coated in icy trichomes.


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