Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

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Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds is your best choice if you can’t decide which strain to grow. We know what you want, so we created a simple solution: a pack of very potent automatic, feminized strains that you can grow almost anywhere. You won’t have to deal with male plants too, as these are all female guaranteed to give you great yields.

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10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack

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18 reviews for Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for John Novak

    John Novak

    All seeds arrived in excellent time/ and all 25 germinated excellent quality top job in the seed business.

  2. Avatar for Christal


    Got my seeds super fast, decided to start right away and all 4 seeds i have started have sprouted. Very pleased!

  3. Avatar for Bootleg


    I am doing outdoor guerrilla grows. Started five seeds following germination guides. All seeds started out great. The shipping was discreet and cleaver.

  4. Avatar for Donny D.

    Donny D.

    I’m quite pleased to submit this review as I’m a New Grower/AncientSmoker.lmao. I will start off by saving other New Growers alot of TIME & ENERGY!!! Seriously;Choose a Strain that is Easy to Moderate to Grow. Then Research the shit out of the Mega Amounts of Literature on Growing Cannabis! THEN: Germinate,Grow,Harvest. Alrighty Then! That Being Said! I want to thank Crop King Seeds for their Legit Products As Advertised. I was quite Impressed with the Quality Of The Harvest of Auto Fem Mix Indoor. I had a couple Outdoor as well & was shocked @ how well they had turned out.The,THC content is some of the strongest I’ve Smoked in 28yrs Oh, & I’m a Medical Marijuana Patient so I’ve tried some Amazing Bud. My Cousin whom has been Growing for over 2 decades can’t believe that it’s from my Garden.He’s already picked a really sweet assortment of Seeds to Purchase from Crop King for his Garden this winter.LOL, Oh Yeah! I will report inn this spring with News On how my next Harvest turns out eh! Have A Great Grow & Heavy Harvest!!! Sincerely: Donny D.

  5. Avatar for Mark Wallace

    Mark Wallace

    Well I am very pleased with my first order from Crop King. I received it 5 days after I order it. I did pay the extra $30.00 for shipping in case there was a problem with the delivery. I don’t know if that is necessary but I wanted to make sure that eventually I did get my seeds delivered. I ordered 5 seeds of White Cookies all but one germinated in about 5 days. That is awesome. I did not use the paper towel method though. I soaked the seeds for 24 hours in tap water and then planted in one of those little plastic nursery trays with clear top and then set it in a window sill. Once they max out the tray I will transplant them in the bigger pots and hopefully they will thrive and produce a nice crop. I will send pictures down the road. Thanks Crop King!!

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