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The Lost Strains: An Ode to Old-School Marijuana | Crop King Seeds

The Lost Strains: An Ode to Old-School Marijuana

Old-School Marijuana

There is a certain nostalgia that surrounds old-school marijuana strains. These are the classics, originals, and strains that have stood the test of time and given rise to the countless varieties we see on the market today. From the mind-numbing effects of the OG Kush to the soothing properties of the Hindu Kush, these strains have been cherished by cannabis enthusiasts for decades. This article is an ode to these lost strains, a look back at their origins, features, and enduring legacy.

The Golden Era of Marijuana

The 1960s and 1970s are often referred to as the golden era of marijuana. This was when the cannabis culture flourished, and these old-school strains were at the height of their popularity. Travelers from the West would venture into the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan and return with seeds of the legendary Hindu Kush. Meanwhile, on the West Coast of the United States, strains like OG Kush and Chemdawg were being developed and would soon become the backbone of the American cannabis industry.

Old School Marijuana Strains

OG Kush

OG Kush is like the Beatles of the cannabis world: timeless, iconic, and universally appreciated. It’s the stuff of legends, quite literally, as even its origins are shrouded in a cloud of sweet, earthy smoke. What makes OG Kush continually adored is its unparalleled balance of euphoric highs and deep relaxation. It’s a versatile strain, good for a chill evening at home or for sparking creativity and conversation at a gathering. The high THC content ensures potency, making each experience feel special, even if you’ve been enjoying OG Kush for years.

Its aromatic profile is another big selling point. One whiff takes you on a sensory journey through earthy, piney notes with a citrusy undertone. This iconic fragrance makes it a favorite for not just smoking but also for use in cannabis-based products like essential oils and edibles. The robust flavors and scents are as recognizable as a classic rock hit, and they’ve influenced a host of derivative strains and hybrids. In an ever-changing cannabis landscape, OG Kush remains a comforting constant.

Hindu Kush

For cannabis enthusiasts seeking deep, body-centered relaxation, Hindu Kush is the strain that consistently delivers. It’s like that one movie you keep returning to – it always comforts and captivates you. One of its most distinctive features is its landrace lineage. Being a pure Indica, it offers an incredibly centered type of high, providing a full-bodied calm that newer strains often fail to replicate. People battling insomnia or chronic pain swear by its medicinal benefits, making it a mainstay in the medical marijuana community.

The sweet and earthy aroma of Hindu Kush is like a warm hug for the senses. It invites you to a realm of calmness, and as soon as you take that first hit, you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. The scent is more than just a smell; it’s a nostalgic experience that harkens back to the strain’s ancient roots. Hindu Kush has a purity that’s becoming increasingly rare, making it a treasured relic in today’s hybrid-saturated market.


Chemdawg is the mystery novel of cannabis strains: the more you experience it, the more intriguing it becomes. Its enigmatic origin story only adds to the allure. Whether you’re using it for medical or recreational purposes, Chemdawg stands out for its potency. Its effects are long-lasting and often used for treating chronic pain and anxiety, making it a staple for medicinal users.

The pungent, diesel-like aroma is a head-turner for sure. While not everyone’s cup of tea, those who love it find it enchanting. This strong smell isn’t just a novelty but a mark of its distinctiveness. In a world filled with sweet and fruity strains, Chemdawg offers a different kind of experience, like a classic film noir in a sea of romantic comedies. It’s both a palate cleanser and a staple, offering a robust, full-bodied experience that’s become increasingly rare. Its balance of uplifting and relaxing effects makes it a versatile choice for both social and solitary consumption, and that’s a key reason why it continues to be a go-to strain for many.

Lemon Thai

Think of Lemon Thai as the refreshing iced lemonade on a hot summer day; it’s uplifting, invigorating, and leaves you wanting more. This strain stands out for its incredibly refreshing terpene profile that gives off a citrusy aroma tinged with hints of mint and spice. Lemon Thai is like that feel-good playlist you put on to elevate your spirits; it’s all about an energetic, creative high. The sativa-dominant nature ensures you’re not bogged down and sluggish but rather ready to take on the world—or at least a small project or social gathering.

For those who indulge during the daytime, Lemon Thai is a classic choice. It provides a mental clarity that allows for productivity, making it popular among artists, writers, and anyone in the creative field. Even medicinal users find its uplifting effects helpful for managing stress and minor aches. In a market with increasingly prevalent heavy sedative strains, Lemon Thai continues to win hearts for its buoyancy and zest. It epitomizes what a classic sativa should be: uplifting, energizing, and endlessly enjoyable.

Godfather OG

Godfather OG is often called the ‘Don of all Kush’ strains and for a good reason. This potent Indica-dominant strain is revered for its ability to provide profound relaxation and a euphoria akin to a warm embrace from a loved one. Imagine a long, stressful day, and then you sink into a warm bath — that’s what smoking Godfather OG feels like. It’s a strain that commands respect for its incredibly high THC content, often testing over 25%.

Godfather OG is a godsend for those dealing with insomnia or chronic pain. Its potency ensures that it hits hard and fast, providing immediate relief. Its piney, earthy aroma with hints of grape is comforting and soothing. While newer strains try to impress with exotic flavors and flashy branding, Godfather OG is like a classic mobster movie: raw, authentic, and deeply satisfying. The strength and reliability of its effects make it a staple in the cannabis community.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is the epitome of comfort cannabis. It’s like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on a cold day. The force is strong with this one, as it combines the best of both worlds: the deep relaxation of an Indica with the uplifting euphoria of a Sativa. It’s like a favorite childhood movie that still brings you joy as an adult. The sweet, spicy aroma with hints of citrus and pine is invigorating, making the whole experience enjoyable from start to finish.

For those seeking relief from pain, anxiety, or insomnia, Skywalker OG is a trusted companion. It’s not just about getting high; it’s about a sense of well-being that permeates every aspect of your being. Its balance is unparalleled, making it a favorite among medicinal and recreational users. Skywalker OG continues to be a beloved classic in a galaxy of ever-evolving strains.

Fire OG

Fire OG is the strain that keeps you returning for more. It’s like a favorite book you’ve read multiple times but still, discover something new with each read. Known as one of the strongest OG strains available, Fire OG packs a punch with its potent effects and high THC levels. It’s the kind of strain perfect for ending a long day, akin to enjoying a beautiful sunset. The initial uplifting effects gradually give way to deep relaxation, making it ideal for managing stress, pain, and insomnia.

The lemony, earthy aroma with hints of pine is incredibly soothing. There’s something about the scent of Fire OG that feels like home, making each experience comforting and familiar. It’s a strain that doesn’t need to reinvent itself to stay relevant. Its consistency, potency, and overall enjoyable effects are what keep it burning bright in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts.

Alien OG

Alien OG is the cannabis equivalent of a science fiction classic: intriguing, otherworldly, and utterly captivating. This hybrid strain is known for its high THC content and potent effects, making it a favorite among seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. The initial cerebral buzz gradually transitions to a full-body relaxation, making it perfect for those seeking both mental and physical relief. It’s like embarking on an interstellar journey without leaving your couch.

The sweet, piney aroma with hints of lemon is invigorating and adds to the overall experience. Alien OG is like that cult classic film that you recommend to all your friends; it’s unique, potent, and leaves a lasting impression. In a world where new strains are continually emerging, Alien OG stands out as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-crafted cannabis.

The Transition to New Strains

As the cannabis industry evolves, a continuous influx of new strains is being developed. Breeders are always experimenting, trying to create strains with unique flavor profiles, higher THC or CBD levels, or specific effects. This transition to new strains is akin to the evolution of music. Just as we’ve transitioned from vinyl records to digital music, cannabis too has evolved, bringing forth strains tailored to meet consumers’ ever-changing demands.

New strains often bring something different to the table. They may offer more potent effects, medicinal benefits, or unique flavors and aromas. For instance, some new strains are developed to combat certain medical conditions. In contrast, others are designed to deliver a specific type of high, be it energetic, creative, or deeply relaxing. These new strains are like the latest gadgets; they come with features that cater to our modern needs and desires.

However, the transition to new strains also comes with challenges. For one, it can be overwhelming for consumers to navigate the many options available. Additionally, while new strains may offer exciting benefits, they may have unforeseen drawbacks, such as increased anxiety or other side effects. Also, just as digital music will never replicate the warmth of vinyl records, new strains may need more depth and richness than old-school strains. It’s a balancing act between embracing innovation and preserving tradition.

The Importance of Preserving Old-School Strains

Old-school strains are the classics of the cannabis world. They have stood the test of time and have been beloved by generations of cannabis enthusiasts. Preserving these strains is akin to preserving our cultural heritage. Just as it is important to preserve classic literature, art, and music, it is equally important to preserve old-school cannabis strains.

These strains are a part of cannabis history. They have been used for medicinal purposes, enjoyed recreationally, and influenced many modern strains’ development. For example, strains like OG Kush and Hindu Kush have parented numerous popular hybrids. These old-school strains are like the foundation stones upon which the modern cannabis industry is built.

Moreover, old-school strains offer unique effects, flavors, and aromas that are often hard to replicate in newer strains. For instance, the deep relaxation offered by Hindu Kush or the uplifting energy of Lemon Thai are characteristics that have made these strains favorites among cannabis enthusiasts for years. Preserving these strains ensures that future generations can experience and enjoy these unique attributes.

Lastly, genetic diversity is crucial for the health and resilience of the cannabis gene pool. Preserving old-school strains contributes to this genetic diversity, ensuring the cannabis plant can adapt to future challenges, such as climate change or disease. Just as preserving biodiversity is essential for the health of our planet, preserving the genetic diversity of cannabis is crucial for the future of the industry.


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