Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

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Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds is your best choice if you can’t decide which strain to grow. We know what you want, so we created a simple solution: a pack of very potent automatic, feminized strains that you can grow almost anywhere. You won’t have to deal with male plants too, as these are all female guaranteed to give you great yields.

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10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack

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18 reviews for Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jerry999


    Living in the northern region where summers are not that long, Autoflowers is my best option. I personally love this set of Mix seeds because first, they are all female, and I don’t have to worry about accidental polination from male plants because of it. Second, they can produce even with less light. They grow when it is time for them to grow. The THC content also is not that high which lets you experience smoking session without paranoia. No wonder my customers have been looking for this.

  2. Avatar for Leah Razinski

    Leah Razinski

    I am still in the experimentation stage as a grower so I chose this so I could finally decide which one I will grow on a long-term. Seems like I will be sticking with this and not gonna shift any time soon. It grows really fast. Seeds popped up in a matter of a week and they grew in full speed! I can’t wait to receive my next orders.

  3. Avatar for Spencer Birdseye

    Spencer Birdseye

    I think despite of what is happening around, why not grow your own weed this time. This is an exciting thing to do while waiting for everything outside to be okay. Besides I read a lot of reviews about medical marijuana. And that is why I bought 10 seeds pack for this strain, All in all, I have to say A great product from CK. Very easy to grow. What I love the most is the feeling while on hit. Thanks CK, I will recommend this to all of my friends.

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