CBD Chemdog #4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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CBD Chemdog #4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a mostly indica all-female strain with high CBD at 7 percent and only 7 percent THC content. It is euphoric, sedating, focused, relaxing, and uplifting strain with lemon, pine, pungent, woody, and sweet flavors you’ll surely love. This hybrid is also effective for anxiety, stress, migraines, depression, nausea, and insomnia.

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More About CBD Chemdog #4 (1:1)

Giant CBD Cannabis Strain

CBD Chemdog #4 (1:1) has a THC and CBD ratio of 1:1. It grows very tall in height, growing up to seven feet in the outdoors. It produces heavy buds that are supported by the sturdy plant structure. In the outdoors, the plant can be easily damaged by frost, so make sure to keep it warm. An enclosure or having a warm setup or nursery can help.

When cultivated indoors, the plant will need regular pruning due to its long stems and wide fanny leaves. This helps improve air circulation in the lower portion of the plant. The Screen of Green or SOG method can be used to increase yield to harvest. Growing it indoors, Chemdog experiences a long flowering period lasting from ten to twelve weeks with a yield of twelve to sixteen ounces per square meter. Harvest can be as early as late October to late November, depending on the weather with sixteen ounces of yield per plant.

2 reviews for CBD Chemdog #4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Worden


    It’s motivating, not difficult to grow, but it does require some hard work, do not be lazy till harvest! I grew my herb indoor, get a huge yield –per plant, nearly 630grams. I’m so glad I can grow quickly my own ganja at home, it makes my life so much easier. I enjoy the sweet flavor and woody odor when smoked. Loved how it leaves me feeling excited and alert. It’s so calm and comforting too!! good for dealing with depression. I often take pills, but I realize this herb is better than them. After smoked, I like to go for a long walk in a park with my dog. Just taking some time to wind down! Thanks guys more POWER 😀

  2. Avatar for Kenny


    I love this herb because it’s both thrilling and calming at the same time. It keeps me feeling energized and makes going to the club a fun experience. When the day is too much for me, I need something to help me get through it. I really love smoking this when I get home from work, she alleviates anxiety and stress. It has a yummy taste of lemon and sweet! OMG, it smells like a pine. I cultivated my weed outside and received a large yield about 18oz/plant. Reaches a height of 6 feet in the open air. I will undoubtedly continue to grow!!

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