Juicy Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Juicy Fruit marijuana strain is a slightly Sativa leaning hybrid that is packed with an energy-boosting high. With a genetic makeup of 55% Sativa to 45% Indica, this weed has physical and mental effects that can be very useful to the medical cannabis community as well. This weed is a product of a cross between two powerful landrace strains in Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, it resulted in this hybrid with a THC content of 17%. This is a great recreational and medical cannabis as it will provide users with an intense mood-boosting quality while slightly sedating them in a pleasurable way!

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Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa dominant (55% Sativa 45% Indica)
Genetics Parents: Afghani Indica x Thai Sativa
Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Dry (Environment below latitude 42°N)
Yield: 500g – 800g
Flavors: Lemon, Earthy, Sweet, Fruity, Pineapple
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: 0.55%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Juicy Fruit Feminized?

Juicy Fruit cannabis strain’s aroma from its buds has a strong fruity and sweet citrus scent with an earthy kick. It has a refreshing aroma as hints of pineapple are noticeable in its scent. This fragrant combination is left hanging in the air once a pouch of this weed is opened. Its flavors are at a different level as the intense citrusy flavor gets more distinguished as lemony and this blends with the pungent earthy taste of the weed. As smoke touches the tongue additional flavors of fruits delightfully tickle the taste buds, making this weed a very refreshing toke.

The Juicy Fruit ganja has a powerful mental and physical high that can even mesmerize seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. The effects are long-lasting but one must be cautious as this weed is said to cause headaches and paranoia if taken in high doses. It is a great daytime smoke as it starts with a head buzzing euphoric high that will transform the mood of the user into a positive state. Clear-mindedness follows allowing the user to let the creative thoughts flow in freely. At this point, the user is feeling a true sense of elation and all stressful thoughts are washed away. As the Indica will start to kick in, a warmth will envelop the entire body and give the user a full-body relaxation that his limbs will start to loosen. This is a perfect complement to the cerebral stimulation taking place as the body is completely calm while the user goes on with the tasks on hand.

What are the Medical Benefits of Juicy Fruit Feminized?

Juicy Fruit weed strain has been a great aid in helping many medical cannabis patients cope with their disorders, especially those who suffer from mood disorders. It has been an effective way to treat those suffering from stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety as the uplifting qualities of the weed can make the users forget any disturbing experiences and cynicism that continue to bother them daily and replaced these with positive thought and giving them that boost of confidence and motivation to keep on moving forward. It can also be a great way to relieve chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint inflammations, and other pain-related issues that may bother the medical cannabis patient.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Juicy Fruit Feminized

Juicy Fruit weed strain, just like any other cannabis hybrid will have some slight dehydrating effects once consumed. Cottonmouth is one of these effects and can be addressed by taking lots of hydration liquids during and after smoking the weed. Another effect is experiencing dry, bloodshot eyes. Just apply some lubrication eye drops before consuming the weed to lessen the severity of the effects.

How to Grow Juicy Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Juicy Fruit feminized cannabis can be easily grown even by novice growers as they are quite sturdy and have developed a good resistance to diseases and pests. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. Some technical guys even mention that they thrive in weather similar to that of any environment below latitude 42°N. Simply put, they like warm, sunny, and dry climates. They will be ready for harvest after 9 weeks as their flowering period is between 7 to 9 weeks. Expect yields to be at 500 to 800 grams of top-quality Juicy Fruit weed!


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