Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain with very steep THC at 27 percent. It is an average-sized plant but will produce above-average yields. This tough all-female strain is a creative, euphoric, happy, relaxing, uplifting, and energetic strain with sweet citrus, sour, and diesel flavors that will get you hooked instantly.

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Double The Strength, Double The Effects

Known as one of the most powerful strains on Earth, Bruce Banner’s potency remains at the top with its legendary status. Voted as one of the best strains of all time, this award-winning herb has been consumed for many years. Doubling down on the effect is Bruce Banner 2.0. By backcrossing it with another powerful and flavorful strain, not only does it double its potency, but it enhances its flavor profile as well. This couch-locking strain can be traced back to its Indica roots; however, the cerebral ramifications of this weed should not be underestimated. Waves and waves of psychedelic effects will keep you occupied for several hours.

This upgraded version of Bruce Banner not only retains the original’s attribute but builds upon its strength. The calming body effects help people who are in great physical pain that over-the-counter medication cannot relieve. This weed has anti-depressant, anxiolytic, analgesic, and anti-emetic properties that will truly help people in compromised health conditions.

1 review for Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Jim Fraser

    Fast delivery. Does not disappoint as usual. These seeds are extra large and cracked in glass of water in under 12 hours and popped out tails in paper towel in about another 12 hours. Im amazed at this point. By the way that was 4 out of 4 seeds. 100%. Very excited to watch these girls grow

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