OG Kush Fast Version Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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OG Kush Fast Version Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a fast-flowering cannabis strain with high THC at 22 percent. It is a small plant only 100 cm high but can produce good yields up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. It is an energetic, relaxing, and uplifting strain with lemon, pungent, diesel, and citrus-flavored buds.

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More About OG Kush Fast Version

Old Type Hybrid with Excellent Benefits

OG Kush Fast Version offers excellent benefits in a shorter flowering period that is commonly less than two weeks compared to most fast version types. It also guarantees each cannabis growers a high-quality bud and a great number of yields. OG Kush Fast Version seeds are not that challenging to cultivate, once that its seedlings already show, raising the plant goes into a straightforward method that does require an expert ability. The flowering period only takes 50 days and can harvest a great number of yields. Such buds can be used as recreational and even medicinal, and it even lasts for a long period when stored in a proper way.

Having a distinctive terpene feature, OG Kush Fast Version blended with the smell of fuel and skunk. OG Kush Fast Version contains more Indica and grows into a small structure that develops the same lateral branches as the original OG Kush. It commonly reaches 100 centimeters tall that are ideal in indoor cultivation.

The most important thing to consider is to maintain an appropriate temperature as well as the humidity level. OG Kush Fast Version plant is not that difficult to cultivate that even beginners may experience great success once that plant reaches its maturity. Indoor areas can produce up to 600 grams every square meter and at least 350 up to 600 grams in an outdoor environment. Even though it is more preferable to cultivate indoors, the plant usually gives its best when planted under a place where it gets more sun exposure.

1 review for OG Kush Fast Version Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ondrea

    Crop King Seeds delivery was fast. Got great quality seeds of OG Kush and 100% germination rate. Every phenotype had explosive growth. I gave some to a friend who had a great harvest. These genetics do some serious heavy lifting too. I used vegetation notes for the whole life cycle and they gave me a product of dense, sticky, and covered in frost buds. Satisfied customer here!

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