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Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds present an excellent option for newcomers entering the realm of cannabis cultivation. This Sativa-Dominant Hybrid also offers a feminized variety, catering to individuals with specific cannabis cultivation preferences.

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25 Seeds$240.00
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    Additional Information

    With a modest THC content of 18 to 21% and a low CBD level, it provides a well-rounded and pleasant high. Additionally, its relatively short cultivation period of 9-11 weeks ensures you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’re embarking on your journey into cannabis cultivation, you may want to explore Cropking Seeds Canada, recognized as one of Canada’s top cannabis seed banks, for a trustworthy source of Amnesia Haze seeds and more.

    Amnesia Haze Description

    Amnesia Haze, the Sativa Dominant Hybrid is here to take your cannabis experience to new heights. This remarkable strain is a fusion of the legendary Amnesia Haze, which is a hybrid of Haze and various landraces, along with a touch of Ruderalis to make it even more special.

    With a THC content ranging from 18% to 21%, this strain delivers a potent and uplifting high that’s perfect for those looking to elevate their mood and creativity without going overboard. Its low CBD content ensures that the focus remains on the energetic and invigorating effects.

    This strain is the ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and enjoyable cannabis experience. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or spark your creativity for a productive session, this strain has got you covered. Its Sativa-Dominant genetics ensure you’ll feel a burst of energy and mental clarity that can help you tackle tasks or simply enjoy the moment.

    One of the standout features of this strain is its incredible aroma and flavor profile. With hints of citrus, lemon, and earthy undertones, each inhale and exhale is a sensory delight that adds to the overall experience.

    If you’re a cannabis enthusiast looking for a strain that combines the best of Sativa genetics with a manageable THC level, Amnesia Haze is the way to go. Experience the unforgettable journey that this hybrid strain offers, and let it transport you to a world of creativity and euphoria, minus the clichéd buzzwords.

    Amnesia Haze Effects

    Unlock a world of delightful sensations with Amnesia Haze! This incredible strain delivers a range of effects that can elevate your experience to a whole new level. As you indulge, you’ll feel a gentle tingly sensation that spreads through your body, bringing with it a welcomed wave of hunger.

    Amnesia Haze is your ticket to a heightened sense of happiness and an uplifting journey. It sparks your creativity, making it perfect for artistic endeavors or simply enjoying a vibrant conversation with friends.

    But that’s not all – Amnesia Haze can also set the mood for those intimate moments, leaving you feeling aroused and ready for a memorable night. It’s like a secret ingredient to enhance the magic of your evenings.

    So, if you’re seeking a strain that will leave you feeling energized, hungry for life’s pleasures, and in a state of blissful contentment, Amnesia Haze is the one to try. It’s more than just a strain; it’s an invitation to a world of positive experiences.

    Amnesia Haze Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

    Amnesia Haze boasts a unique flavor profile, thanks to its terpenes, which include Limonene, Valencene, Linalool, and Geraniol. As you inhale, you’ll be greeted by a complex medley of tastes, starting with earthy undertones that gradually give way to floral notes. The journey continues with hints of pine and a subtle diesel-like essence, all wrapped up in a sweet, peppery, and slightly spicy embrace. It’s a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds with every hit.

    But this strain doesn’t just excel in taste; it’s a visual masterpiece too. The buds are a lush olive green, adorned with vibrant orange hairs that add a captivating contrast. What makes these buds truly stand out, though, is the generous layer of frosty trichomes that glisten like morning dew, promising a potent and satisfying experience.

    If you’re into growing, Amnesia Haze’s thick, resinous buds respond exceptionally well to the Sea of Green (SOG) technique, making it a favorite among cultivators looking to maximize their yields while maintaining those sought-after characteristics.

    33 reviews for Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

    1. Avatar for Patricia Webster

      Patricia Webster

      Amnesia Haze is a must-buy if you have $70 to spend on an eighth. It’s worth it and is like a truck. I give Crop King Seeds 5 out of 5 stars for the fire.

    2. Avatar for T3METRO


      I have only germinated 1seed so far and I was a great success. It was my first ever grow and ended up with a big plant. It filled a 4×4 tent wall to wall and stood over 5 foot tall. Total harvest was 13 oz + 4oz of trim. Can’t wait to see what the other seeds do.

    3. Avatar for Methodius Yuriev

      Methodius Yuriev

      I used this weed for my pain. I am suffering from bone cancer. Really good for pain. I thank Crop King for a quality products they produced.
      Great for medical purposes!

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