King's Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

King’s Kush is an Indica-predominant marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Grape. King’s Kush produces progressive yet strong results that will cause you to feel loose and euphoric. This strain includes a flavor profile that is tart with grapes and feelings of lavender. Clinical marijuana patients pick King’s Kush to ease side effects related to sleep deprivation. For certain clients, this strain is significant to be fair as a result of its THC and CBD content. This sort of strain is best utilized for recreational purposes. Assuming you are thinking to have a request, you are perfectly in the right place. Crop King Seeds offers you incredible offers and high-quality seeds that will remove your doubts!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Kings Kush x Ruderalis
Dominant: 40% Indica, 40% Sativa, 20% Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
CBD Content: Unknown
THC Content: 19%-27%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What is the King’s Kush?

King’s Kush is a vigorously Indica-predominant mixture strain made by crossing the scandalous OG Kush X Grape strains. Known for its really weighty high, King’s Kush is ideal for the accomplished patient who needs a great deal of additional power behind their toke to feel the impacts, as a matter of fact. In mix with its really high 19-27% typical THC level, these weighty impacts give King’s Kush an edge in treating experienced patients experiencing conditions like issues or muscle fits, a sleeping disorder, depression, chronic pain, and chronic stress. The high beginnings with a lifted inclination toward the rear of the head that unobtrusively pulls up your mindset. This is joined by a profoundly loosening up body high that will before long have you completely calmed, floating away into a durable and peaceful rest.

Growing Information on King’s Kush

The Kings Kush strain plant can be developed inside and outside, arriving at a typical level of around 35-65 inches. Its blooming cycle takes around 50-67 days, while the most appropriate opportunity to collect is 75 days. Eventually, the bloom furnishes the cultivator with roughly 1-2 Oz/Ft² inside and 15-20 Oz/plant outside.

How to Grow King’s Kush

The Kings Kush Autoflowering weed strain plants can yield as much as 500-650 grams of the collect for each square meter when developed inside. The plants should be kept in a very much oversaw space with the right temperature and mugginess levels to do this. To encourage the plants to create however many buds as could be expected under the circumstances, utilize the Ocean of Green method. The Kings Kush Autoflowering marijuana strain can grow up to 45 to 110 grams for every plant when developed outside. To achieve this, the plants should be situated in a vital region of your nursery that is warm, dry, and has great admittance to the sun’s beams.

Strain Aroma

You are welcomed by impactful, herbaceous, gritty, and marginally hot tones as well as a wonderful fragrance. When you begin consuming this strain, similar flavors become completely awake. Merciless heartiness, sweet, natural flavors, and connotations of zest consolidate together.

Strain Flavor

The King Kush strain taste can be fairly captivating, blending diesel-like flavor acquired from OG Kush with a sweet and fancy presence suggestive of lavender, as well as a slight vanilla note. As to the impact of terpenes, the featured sharpness shows up because of the helpful work of camphene and terpineol.

Strain Appearance

Actual Appearance King Kush is a delightful strain with long-consumed orange pistils, a dark green shade, and, surprisingly, a few mottled purple regions fanning out around the bud. Gleaming trichomes and a thick silver icing of gems give it a moonly sparkle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is King Kush?

– King Kush, otherwise called King’s Kush strain, is a half-and-half weed strain area of strength with predominance and an Indica/Sativa proportion of around 80/20. Albeit the first raiser is obscure, its genealogy is known to be a cross between the popular OG Kush and Grape strains.

What is the THC content of King's Kush?

– King Kush’s THC content can ultimately depend on 20%. King’s Kush can blossom in just a month and a half, a lot quicker than numerous other marijuana strains. When smoked or changed over into a palatable structure, the kind of the King’s Kush strain is best depicted as Woody, Sweet, and Natural.

What are the impacts of King's Kush?

– King’s Kush is an Indica-prevailing mixture that delivers a positive scope of outcomes and a THC count of up to 20%. For most clients, the principal impacts of this strain start with raised mindset.

What does King's Kush resemble?

– With progressive anyway solid impacts, King’s Kush is noticeable for its influence and gleaming trichomes while in blossom. This kind of marijuana seems to be prepared joined by areas of strength for a tart grape scent, and furthermore a few feelings of lavender.


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