Haze XL Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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With these Haze XL autoflower seeds, we have a superb auto strain for you. These marijuana seeds produce fast-growing, abundantly prolific plants that are excellent for intermediate growers.

A really tenacious sativa-dominant strain with a powerfully energizing and euphoric high is produced from Haze XL strain. The sticky, strongly perfumed buds are perfect for gatherings, daytime smoking, or artistic pursuits.

Utilize Crop King Seeds‘ premium fast-flowering seeds for several harvests each season. For more information about Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds and the buds they generate, continue reading. Find out what makes them a useful addition to your weed garden.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Jack Herer x Haze
Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 12 to 14 weeks
CBD Content: 0.7%
THC Content: 23%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


What is Haze XL Strain?

The autoflowering version of Haze XL strain, known as Haze XL autoflower seeds, was produced by crossing the illustrious Jack Herer with the equally legendary Haze. The Haze strain is a legendary one that has produced innumerable hybrids over the years.

The remaining genetic material in the Haze XL auto comes from the famed Jack Herer. To make Haze XL strain, these two gargantuan parents are crossed with a ruderalis strain. You have a great chance to develop a high-THC, high-yield crop of flavorful, aromatic, and energizing marijuana with these cannabis seeds.

It takes 12 to 14 weeks for Haze XL strain to flower. This variety has a 90–120 cm height range, 23% THC content, and 0.7% CBD content. With flavors like citrus, earthy, lemon, pine, peppery, and woody, Haze XL buds are rich and beautiful. Up to 400–450 grams per yielding plant are possible.

The morning is the optimum time to use this strain. This flower acts like a cup of coffee, starting with a euphoric mental high that fosters focus and creativity. The strong benefits start to take action nearly immediately, which can inspire you to finish your morning routine.

This plant also promotes social interaction. This strain is fantastic for bonding with your buddies because it encourages conversation and causes uncontrollable giggling.

Growing Information of Haze XL Strain

Growing Haze XL autoflower from seed is an experience that will only get you closer to your harvest because cannabis requires a lot of care. It is recommended to plant seeds directly into your preferred media when creating a garden of this weed. Using 5-gallon or larger containers will provide your plants the room they need to grow and still be manageable. Autos do best in organic soil since it contains all the nutrients they require. The usage of teas in between and some dry amendments for the flowering stage will give the soil’s bacteria plenty to work with, creating a better environment for your plant’s roots. Your marijuana garden will love you back if you water sparingly and keep plenty of fresh air moving through it.

How to Grow Hawaiian Haze XL Strain

The beauty of indoor growing is that you can establish a completely controlled environment to support your plants’ maximum production. Growing in hydroponics will benefit you if you want the Auto Haze XL Fem strain to be of the highest grade. In this case, water is used to transport nutrients to plant roots rather than soil. Even better results can be achieved by combining the Sea of Green method with hydroponics. In Sea of Green, you can nurture several plants concurrently and force them to bloom early. This excellent combination will undoubtedly produce a sizable, superior crop. On average, 1.31 to 1.47 ounces will be harvested per square foot.

Warm, Mediterranean climes are ideal for this breed. You can anticipate a yield of between 3.5 and 7 ounces per plant if it is planted or placed in a warm, sunny location! It is possible to grow in the northern hemisphere, but you must harvest before the end of October to prevent damage from the first frost.

Medical Benefits of Haze XL Strain

The Haze XL strain is a favorite of both recreational and medical users. It is well known for having several health advantages. The joyful high is most frequently ingested by those who struggle with psychological issues because it helps get rid of bad thoughts and feelings as well as typical depressive, anxious, and stress-related symptoms. The sativa’s energizing properties may even lift people out of tiredness and lethargy.

Additionally, there is proof that this strain eases problems with physical health. It is an appropriate option for treating conditions like arthritis and muscular spasms due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. In addition to preventing nausea and vomiting, it also improves appetite. This can be helpful for people who have an eating disorder or are undergoing medical procedures like chemotherapy.

Strain Aroma

Haze XL strain has a mystifying perfume of pine, incense, and sandalwood with a citrus edge. No matter how big your area, it will smell like ancient mountain landrace indicas and tropical sativas. There is a strong presence of spice, hashiness, and a flare of the deep, rich sap of the earth. You and your bong companions are left to reflect on a sweet and tart citrus scent as the vapors leave to welcome the rest of the world.

Strain Flavor

– It is clear what was used to create the veins of this automobile marvel. While Afghan in the NL and the Acapulco and Columbian in the Skunk of the Jack Herer add the fruity spice, Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Indian landrace strains ensure that the hazy flavors come through. On the smooth exhale, there is a lemony citrus surprise that coats the tongue and fills the nostrils with mountain incense spice.

Strain Appearance

– A beautiful sight to behold is a Haze XL strain covered in many resin glands. With thin leaves, long internodal gaps, and an exceptionally high bud-to-leaf ratio, the plant has a Sativa-typical structure. The large, Sativa-scented buds have thick, luxuriant green foliage that is covered in resin glands. The thick, resinous, big buds will leave your fingertips covered in THC glandular trichomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Haze so strong?

– Sativa-dominant Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds has a very high THC content and is a very simple cannabis strain to grow.

What is the average height of Haze XL Autoflower?

– between 120 and 200 cm high

What is the average yield of Haze XL Autoflower?

– 350-450g per square meter



1 review for Haze XL Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jack S

    Jack S

    Thank you Crop King for a smooth and easy transaction.
    From ordering to receiving the girls was one week with bonus seeds to boot!!
    Since I live in western Massachusetts, I won’t be germinating real soon. I’ll keep you posted
    On my results of the germination process. This will be my second auto flower grow and my first time
    With Haze XL. I’m pretty excited!!

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