Grand Daddy Purple Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple strain is a very well-liked strain with a nice average THC content of 21% and delectable candy-like flavors. It has a powerful high and is a hybrid between the Big Bud and Purple Urkle strains. You’ll feel extremely wonderful and calm after it takes action, which happens fairly rapidly. This strain tastes like grapes, berries, and candies in addition to having strong effects, making it a genuine delight for the senses.

You like what you hear? Purchase Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current strain is suitable. Never settle for marijuana that is inferior to what is found in dispensaries.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Purple Urkle x Big Bud
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 17 – 24%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


What is Grand Daddy Purple Strain?

One of the most well-liked indica strains on the west coast and possibly the most well-known “purple” cannabis strain in the US is Grand Daddy Purple (also known as Grand Daddy Purps).

Grand Daddy Purple strain has an 80% indica, 20% sativa ratio, making it primarily an indica strain with a few sativa genes thrown in. Of course, the finest of all is probably the THC concentration of Grand Daddy Purple, which, according to scientific findings, ranges from 17 to 24 percent on average.

Purple Urkle and Big Bud were bred together in 2003 by San Francisco Bay Area cannabis grower Ken Estes and his colleagues in an effort to produce the best indica hybrid. Grand Daddy Purple strain, the offspring of these two, is an exact replica of its parents’ two best characteristics: the dense, enlarged buds of Big Bud and the deep, dark purple color of Purple Urkle.

It is a very beautiful strain since the dark purple buds combine well with the vivid orange hairs and frosted white trichomes that liberally cover the bud. Grand Daddy Purple strain is one of the most sought-after indica strains from San Francisco to Los Angeles because of its Hollywood appearance and traditional indica characteristics. Despite its popularity, many cultivators and those involved in the cannabis industry contend that Grand Daddy Purple strain is nearly identical to Grape Ape, another well-known purple strain.

Some people even posit the possibility that these two strains are one and the same. Others claim that because they are so strikingly similar in ancestry, appearance, flavor, and effects, farmers, dispensaries, and users all mistake them for one another.

Grand Daddy Purple strain, which is ideal for nighttime use, initially hits the body and mind but quickly fades into a nice body buzz like most powerful indicas do. It induces the typical indica couch-lock feeling and may even exacerbate bodily numbness. It is quite calming and ideal for winding down after a long day.

Growing Information of Grand Daddy Purple Strain

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering are among the easiest to produce indoors. These autoflowering varieties have short, bushy plants with big, sticky trichome-covered buds. They are great for both beginning and advanced cultivators because they can flourish in a range of settings. Plants should be pruned and trimmed frequently since they are susceptible to elevated moisture levels. There shouldn’t be many problems with your grow operation, other from the moisture issues. It will thrive in a range of environments, including hydroponics and organic soil. Caryophyllene, a-pinene, and a-myrcene terpene profiles are improved by organic soil, and rapid development is encouraged by hydroponics’ direct nutrient feeding mechanism.

In the later stages of the flowering phase, expose the nugs to cooler temperatures to enhance the purplish tint that forms on them. It is significant to note that while the heightened purplish hue greatly enhances bag appeal, the potency or 22% THC content remains unchanged. Even others claim that they believe this plant almost grows itself.

How to Grow Grand Daddy Purple Strain

With its accommodating growth cycle, the Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering plant is perfect for novice gardeners, those with limited space, and those who desire frequent harvests each year. They don’t require special illumination to flower, and may be harvested after roughly 10 to 14 weeks. Like all Autoflowering strains, Auto GDP blooms without the use of artificial light, which makes it perfect for cultivation inside. Similar to this, Auto GDP seeds grow short, compact plants that, under ideal circumstances, can grow as tall as 1 m. They are a popular choice when grown indoors because of their quick maturation (10–14 weeks) and small size.

This autoflowering Indica is best suited for cultivation in a tight location because of its tiny stature and requirement for a high relative humidity level. In areas with minimal humidity and a moderate climate, Grandaddy Purple thrives. People who enjoy growing plants outdoors will value how disease-resistant it is. In either soil or water, Grand Daddy Autoflowering Purple variations flourish. If you want to cultivate marijuana outside in a cooler climate, auto GDP yields a crop by the end of October.

Grand Daddy Purple’s average harvest will astound growers. Eight weeks is all it takes to see short, bushy plants that can produce anywhere between 140 and 420 grams per square. Although plant height grows somewhat when grown outside, the normal grand daddy purple yield of 4-6 ounces per plant, or 150 grams, stays the same. Despite the light cycle, these plants will flower in about eight weeks. Despite their winter hardiness, you still need to harvest your crop before the first frost. Due to its simplicity of maintenance both indoors and outside, this plant is ideal for novice growers.

Medical Benefits of Grand Daddy Purple Strain

You are beginning to regain your freedom when you grow this plant at home. You won’t have to depend on others to get your medication anymore. Additionally, you can control the quality and know precisely what went into cultivating these amazing herbs when you cultivate them from seed at home. Caryophyllene, a-pinene, and a-terpene myrcene’s profile offers a pleasant blend of advantages. In painful disorders including migraines, arthritis, and muscle spasms, inflammation is a typical problem that it helps with. Its anti-anxiety effects aid in removing negativity and lowering anxiety and stress-related symptoms. Your relationship with food may be deteriorating if you are facing cancer or recovering from an eating disorder.

Strain Aroma

– The aroma of berries and grapes will fill your growing space. When ignited, a soft earthiness and a few hints of citrus and herbs can be detected.

Strain Flavor

– When smoking Grand Daddy Purple strain, the grape drink from your youth frequently comes to mind first. Your tongue will continue to experience earthy tones as an aftertaste to balance some of the sweet and sugary aromas.

Strain Appearance

– The Grand Daddy Purple strain has a lovely appearance. It has large, dense buds, vivid purple undertones, and brilliant green foliage that meld together and give the flowers life. Between the leaves, the yellow-orange pistils curl and twist, and are finished with a thick layer that gives it a fresh appearance. It is stunning to see the Grand Daddy Purple variety in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Daddy Purple hard to grow?

– The Best Places to Grow Grand Daddy Purple Along with its sedative and analgesic effects, GDP is a high-yielding, simple-to-grow strain. Although it can be cultivated outside, it grows best indoors.

Is Grand Daddy Purple strong?

– You get high on Grand Daddy purple. Although the high is not as intense as with other strains, it is still a very pleasant high.

Why is it called Grand Daddy Purp?

– The Grand Daddy Purple narrative, sometimes known as Grand Daddy Purp or GDP for short, first appeared in the early 2000s. It was developed by Ken Estes, a renowned breeder, grower, and activist who turned to medical marijuana after a terrible motorcycle accident left him wheelchair-bound and paraplegic in the 1970s.


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