Cafe Racer Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

With the majority of strains having autoflowering varieties today, they are one of the most popular and in-demand varieties of marijuana seeds available. As a result, cultivators will have a much better time tending to their expanding plants with these Cafe Racer Strain cannabis seeds! This particular hybrid is a sativa-dominant strain that provides all marijuana enthusiasts with 101% enjoyment!

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: GSC Platinum Cut x Purple Bud
Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 10 to 11 Weeks
CBD Content: 0.3%
THC Content: 25%
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This Cafe Racer Strain will undoubtedly set your entire mood racing with expectation and excitement thanks to its capacity to produce incredibly huge pieces of buds as well as the mind-blowing flavors and sensations that it imparts.

You like what you hear? Purchase Cafe Racer Strain Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current strain is suitable. Never settle for marijuana that is inferior to what is found in dispensaries.

What is Cafe Racer Strain?

The Sativa-dominant Cafe Racer Strain is a cross between Purple Bud and GSC Platinum Cut. This strain has a 25% THC content and a 0.3% CBD content. The cannabis Cafe Racer Strain contains notes of diesel, skunk, dirt, and spice on the exhale along with sweet grape and tart berry flavors. This strain will give you an uplifting cerebral high before locking you into a state of rest.

When consumed in excess, the marijuana strain Cafe Racer Strain can have severe negative consequences. While some people said they felt woozy and queasy, others said they had hallucinations and blacked out. It is strongly advised to use moderation when consuming this strain. You could also suffer mild side effects like dry lips and eyes while using this strain. Getting enough fluids can aid in managing them.

Growing Information of Cafe Racer Strain

The tall plant with orange-colored hairs and large green nugs of the Cafe Racer Strain can develop swiftly. These plants are simple to grow and will produce between 350 and 500 grams of harvest in about 11 weeks in any environment.

Under ideal conditions, indoor-growing Cafe Racer Strain marijuana plants can generate between 350 and 450 grams. Keep the plants in a climate-controlled growing space with constant, ideal levels of humidity and temperature. You can utilize the Sea of Green technique to keep the plants from outgrowing your grow space indoors.

When grown outdoors in a dry, Mediterranean-climate environment, Cafe Racer Strain marijuana plants can yield up to 400 to 500 grams of harvest per plant. To keep the plants from becoming out of hand, prune the branches frequently.

How to Grow Cafe Racer Strain

You can approach your marijuana plantations differently with the help of Cafe Racer Strain seeds. They are autoflowering seeds, so you won’t need to worry about the lighting schedule. This plant’s slender stems sprout vast rows of trichomes that are covered in enormous buds. It is advised that growers employ a support system to prevent the branches from breaking because the buds can get rather large!

The yields from this strain are higher than typical, with up to 450 grams of buds per square meter indoors and substantial yields outdoors. Flowering normally takes 10 to 11 weeks due to the growth of the plants and the dense buds. From the middle of September through the end of October, harvesting can be done outside. Your gardens’ productivity will be greatly increased by routine pruning, topping, and application of a ScrOG. It improves yields and ensures that plants grow in height in a controlled way. It is a robust plant, so you won’t have to worry about them being strained.

Medical Benefits of Cafe Racer Strain

If you want to enjoy the mind-blowing enjoyment it delivers while relieving yourself of medical concerns, the Cafe Racer is the strain to choose. The uplifting strain not only keeps the mood upbeat and positive, but it also stops any unfavorable ideas and feelings from coming to pass, which usually occurs in people with mental diseases like mild to moderate melancholy and anxiety.

The muscles’ tension is released during the body buzz, which causes a very light sensation. Its anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects lessen inflammation and pain brought on by ailments like migraines, cramps, and arthritis.

Strain Aroma

– The cannabis strain Cafe Racer Strain has an intriguing flavor combination of berries, grapes, and lemon that is sweet, tart, earthy, and minty.

Strain Flavor

– After properly curing the buds, the smell of fuel, skunkiness, and spicy herbs stings your nostrils and slaps you square in the face.

Strain Appearance

– A somewhat peculiar plant. grows in a strange, unbalanced shape, and the leaves display early signs of deformation. The second round plant is displaying the same traits. Beautiful dark purple buds that appeared to lack solidity in the end while being enormous for their short height. post-cure weight will be. The plant’s low density caused some areas to dry out very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cafe Racer Autoflower?

– Blim Burn Seeds created the cannabis strain known as Cafe Racer. This strain is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, making it a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

What is the average height of Cafe Racer Autoflower?

– Medium

What is the average yield of cafe racer autoflower?

– 350–400 g/m2 indoors and 500–600 g/plant outdoors


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