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Learn What to do With Weed Stems

Learn What to do With Weed Stems

Most of the time, cannabis buds and flowers are the parts that make up your daily dose of THC and CBD. You make a drink, food, or a cigar that’s full of the sought-after duo properties. Once you’re done with those parts, do you know what to do with weed stems left on your counter? Well, many cannabis enthusiasts think about that, especially beginners.

Cannabis stems are still part of the plant you loved to smoke and add to your drinks and delicacies daily. It also has the same THC and CBD in the same amount making the same effects on users. There’s no need to throw away anything. You get everything when you have your cannabis with you.

What to do with Weed Stems: 7 Creative Ways

There’s a lot of variety to choose from what to do with weed stems because it’s still a part of the delicious cannabis plant. Throwing it away is not just the only option you have for your precious cannabis leftover. To give you more ideas on what to do with it, here is a list of 8 creative ways to use them instead of just putting them into the trash.

  1. Make a Tea

A sweet recipe of how to make such a tasty cannabis tea has been available nowadays where you can try using the weed stem as the main ingredient. Cannabis is known to be full of great taste and effect which can still be enjoyed through brewing tea. This recipe may ask for plain water or any other alternative such as coconut oil or a mixture of the two which can still effectively absorb the cannabinoids that weeds contain.

As always, whenever you use cannabis or any part of it, you must not forget to decarboxylate them first. That way, THCA will be converted into THC and become as highly delightful as you wanted it to be.

To do that, here are the ingredients you need:

  • Cannabis stems that are broken into smaller pieces or ground
  • Water
  • Teabag
  • Coffee filters
  • Favorite alcoholic drink, coconut oil, or milk

Step 1: Pour water into your kettle and add your butter, milk, or oil. For those who will use alcohol, letting the water boil first and then taking it out from the stove is recommended before putting in the alcohol.

Step 2: Add the small pieces of the broken-down stems into the water you’ve prepared.

Step 3: Then stir it for 10 minutes so the liquid will be able to absorb the cannabis extract. Using a tea bag for ground cannabis stems is best, too. Also, a coffee filter will be great in separating the stems from the tea extract when it’s ready for consumption.

  1. Create a Bubble Hash

A bubble hash is another interesting cannabis-infused product that you can try making for your indulgence. It’s been used for a long time as a way of enjoying cannabis but is less popular compared to smoking joints or blunts. In the earlier times, stoners just rub the buds in their hands until they’re able to form a coat of heat and friction in their hands.


  • micron screens of different sizes which you need to place in different layers
  • bucket of 1 to 5-gallon capacity
  • bubble bag
  • large spoon or ladle

Step 1: Get the bucket ready. Cover the top of the bucket with the smallest screen and layer it again with the other sizes of the screen on top. Make sure that the largest screen is placed on top.

Step 2: Put enough ice at the bottom of the bucket without making it overflow. Each layer should have amounts of cannabis and ice alternatively up to the top of the layer which has to have ice instead of cannabis stems.

Step 3: Let the water cool down a little. When it’s already cold enough, take the large spoon or ladle that you’ve prepared and stirred the mixture. Do this for at least 15 minutes and see the ice melt slowly while you stir faster depending on the amount of ice in the bucket.

Step 4: Strain and extract the liquid from the cannabis stems until it’s drained. Make sure that no bud matters will be mixed up in the liquid. Remove each layer and keep the strained buds separated so all the hash will be readily piled up.

  1. Bake some Pastry

Everybody loves sweets and pastries that’s why the well-loved cannabis is being used with it in new and modern recipes. Brownies can now be made with the cannabis extract that’s easy to make using a cannabis-infused butter or also known as the cannabutter. You may be asking if there’s still THC in the weed stems when mixed with edibles and the answer is “yes”. Cannabis edibles like brownies give away the same effects as smoking buds but may take a little longer to kick in. Other recipes also include canna oil extracted from the stem, too. Adjusting the other elements in your recipe is the secret, too.

  1. Craft a simple Paper

Make wood-based papers using your leftover weed stems. However, it will look a little odd and rougher than a normal paper. Make the vat using a pantyhose which you will have to make into a wire-little framework or a fly-trap which you must hang in a wooden frame. Blender the stems and the real ordinary paper together with some water so it will blend perfectly. Pour the resulting mixture into the vat that you prepared then shake it well. You must spread the mixture into the vat evenly, then leave for 24 hours. Hang it to dry and then just cut the size you desire.

  1. Make big and Small Baskets

Because weed stems are still parts of a plant that can hold things together, it’s just natural and not anymore surprising to know that it can be used for crafting simple products such as baskets of different sizes. You can group the stems and have a useful screen-like material out of it. By doing this, you are also helping to keep the earth safer and greener as well.

  1. Make Cannabis topicals

Unlike the other traditional ways of enjoying cannabis, you can try using cannabis-filled topicals that are becoming popular nowadays. It helps make your skin look healthier and your muscles become stronger through applying them like a cream or oil. You may also apply topicals for your aching joints, irritated skin, and other physical conditions. Cannabis lotion and cream are some of their very famous versions.

  1. Make a Pen

How creative it would be to have a pen made of a precious cannabis strain, right? It’s unique if you can make one that you can boast among your cannabis enthusiast friends. Use a drill press, cannabis stems, and also sandpaper to make this a perfect craft together with your cannabis paper. Also, you can purchase a basic pen kit to help you out in crafting this simple product that you can also use in other activities.

Cannabis is such a versatile plant that can be made into so many things. You’ll surely love the bud even more apart from being a sedating element.

Final Thoughts

Gain everything and lose nothing when you take a bud with you. From the bud to the flowers, and the stem, you’ll never go wrong with the favorite herb. Try something new today and experience a one-of-a-kind satisfaction instead of trashing your leftover weed stems or smoking them. These are just ideas you can consider, but absolutely, you can find more ways to use weeds and share them with others who love them, too.


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