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What to do With Vaped Weed

What to do With Vaped Weed

After you’re done vaping, you will see the leftovers which are the brown, crispy flowers. Most of the THC content was vaporized but they don’t turn to ash or waste. Some cannabinoids remain so it means you have the chance to use it again. But first, you have to know what to do with vaped weed.

You should know that the leftovers may have different content. When the vaporizer is at a high temperature, you may regret it as there’s not much left of your buds. But putting it around 315 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit will surprise you with the remaining potency in the flowers. Aside from the effect of temperature, the strain’s potency is another matter that can affect the vaped weed.

Excitement is felt when you can use vaped weed again as it still has potency and some cannabinoids. But the strength of the recycled compounds would depend on how you use them. Get creative and enjoy them.

Ideas on What to Do With Vaped Weed

1. Water Curing

It is the option that you would go for if you want to avoid the taste of weed. You can do water curing for the edibles that you make. This is a way of saving your buds and it’s super easy but it needs a lot of time.

You need more time as you need to save vaped weed about half an ounce, an adequate amount for this process. Instruct yourself to be patient as you need 4 to 7 days to accomplish everything.

Here are the steps

– Turn the vaped weed that you’ve collected into a teabag with the help of cheesecloth. Secure it with a string.

– Soak it thoroughly in a bowl of water.

– Inspect the soaking weed after several hours and change the water with the fresh one.

– Keep on changing the water for four to seven days. But it shouldn’t be over a week. Change the water as often as you can during those days.

When the right comes, drain the water and pick up your tea bag so you can wring it. Spread out the vaped weed inside the bag on the baking sheet. Put the oven to 200 degrees and allow it to chill for two hours. To make sure that your weed dries out evenly, toss it every half an hour.

Once the weed is perfectly dry, you can make it into edibles like butter. You won’t be able to get a hint of the original taste.

2. Making Edibles

Cooking and baking are the exact ideas that you can come up with on what to do with vaped weed. It would make you avoid its distinct taste. Ground it and you can use it to everything that you prepare from salmon to brownies. You can add it right away to any dish as it has gone decarboxylated.

Be careful with the dose so start low first to determine the potency. When you add it in a brownie, you can have a piece first then observe how it comes down on you. Then you can have another one if you can handle the potency.

3. Encasing it in a Capsule

If you’re not into cooking, edible, and water curing, you may consider this option. There are some advantages to it like being discreet and private as you only have to swallow it. You can have any time you want and even wherever you are because you just pop up in your mouth. The taste won’t bother you at all.

To start making some capsules with vaped weed, buy some empty gel capsules first. Make the weed as the filler. You should know that the effects are delayed. The capsule needs to break down then the weed is dissolved. 

It’s an easy way to consume weed and it’s effective as well. Some may find it effective in perking them up but some think that this method is a drawback.

4. Tincture

Patience is another ingredient in making this and you have to think it over if it’s worth it. Take note that the potency is not similar to the regular flowers. It’s convenient as you can consume it discreetly and easy too. It can be taken sublingually or you can add it to your drinks and foods. 

5. Coconut Oil

Weed can adhere to fat easily so incorporating your leftover with coconut oil will let you achieve the desired result. You need to do the water curing first before you let your weed have contact with the oil. Use a slow cooker for this process and let the vaped weed and coconut oil mingle with low heat.

Occasional stirring is needed to not burn the mixture. When it’s done, you have to let it cool before straining some plant bits with a cheesecloth. Keep it in a cool, dry place.

6. Coffee or Tea?

Since your vaped weed is decarboxylated, you have the freedom to just add it into your coffee or tea. When it’s with coffee, dump the weed together with the ground coffee before brewing. To cover the taste of the weed, add flavors like caramel, hazelnut, or a bit of butter. Cannabutter will be good.

When making tea, combine it with the tea leaves for steeping. It’s best to go for a strong tea and add some sweeteners like honey. You may find that the coffee with vaped weed tastes better. But you can do some experiments and you can concoct your mix. You can appreciate it with tea too. 

Milk or cream can also be added to those drinks as cannabinoids found in weed can bind to fat. It’s a great idea, isn’t it?

7. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil

RSO can be ingested and it’s a type of topical. The purity and the potency are different from fresh flowers just to set your expectation. It’s the kind of oil that suits medical users. A low dose of this will be fine with casual consumption. But you have to process water curing first. 

8. Simple Smoke it

If you don’t want to go through a lot of processes, save your vaped weed and smoke it. Do it with your pipe and lighter. Who cares anyway? It’s your choice.

You won’t care about what other people think. But you know that the quality is not the same as the fresh buds. The potency is lower and the taste is like you accidentally inhale from bong water. The smoke may be harsh as well. Your excuse is that you don’t want to waste any of it.

Final Words

Whichever way you choose on what to do with vaped weed, it comes down to not wasting any of it. It’s only getting the most out of your money’s worth but it’s respecting the plant. Love for cooking is an advantage when you choose to be patient in doing the steps.


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