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What is the Cheapest Method of Growing Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

What is the Cheapest Method of Growing Marijuana Seeds?

Cheapest Method of Growing Marijuana Seeds

In all aspects of life now, an individual considers the amount of monetary investment even in planting weed for medical use. Since health is a concern, it is also good to take in consideration of growing your own marijuana plant than buying the harvested and cured plant that cost a little higher. Besides, growing your own marijuana plant brings satisfaction and fulfilment for the grower which means, you may also get something good out of it.

What is the cheapest way to grow your own cannabis plant during the vegetative stage?

When you are done with the germination process of your marijuana seeds, it is now time to put the seedling in a potting soil which may cost about 5 bucks. Prepare your lighting by using 2 ordinary house bulbs with 100 watts each and put it in a desk lamp. Position the lamp above the pot and turn it on constantly for about two weeks. Water your plant regularly and whenever it is needed. However, do not over water the plant as it may die. After the seedling stage, transplant your plant into a 3 gallon pot and fill it up with soil. This time, raise the lights keeping 1-2 feet distance above the plant.

What is the most advisable light for cheaper marijuana plant growing system?

CFL or compact fluorescent lights can be the cheapest type of light that you can use for your marijuana growing method. This will only take about 40 watts which can lessen your energy consumption. However, when your cannabis plant is in the flowering stage, you may need to put on more lights to fill in the shadowed areas of the plant. Soft white bulbs are best during the flowering stage. But keep in mind that this will only give you a limited yield which may only be enough for your personal consumption.


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