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What is the Best Way in Germinating Marijuana Seeds?

What is the Best Way in Germinating Marijuana Seeds

When planning to grow cannabis plants from seeds, it is important to germinate the seeds to get a higher probability of growing the seeds well. There are different ways on how you can germinate the cannabis seeds and this method will depend on what suits you best.
What are the different methods of germinating the cannabis seeds?
The most common germination method of the cannabis seeds is through the use of toilet papers and saucers. This is done by placing the seeds in between the fold of a damp toilet paper. Make sure that it is not soaking wet. Then put the damp toilet paper in between the two saucers. This is to ensure darkness for the seeds to sprout.
Then another method is by placing the marijuana seeds directly to a glass of water. It is advisable to use a clear drinking glass to see if the seeds have sprouted. This is done by soaking the seeds in the water for 24-32 hours. When doing this, make sure that the seeds are not soaked for longer period as this may drown the seeds and die.
One may also germinate the cannabis seeds directly to the growing medium such as soil. This can lessen the effort of the grower but there is a greater risk of seeds that will not sprout and die. With this method, the seed will sprout in the soil itself and emerge as the taproot grows. This is also good to prevent shocking your seedling during the transplantation.
How to take care of the seedling after the germination process?
In transplanting the sprouted seeds, it is important to avoid touching the taproot as it may affect the growth of the cannabis plant. Keep the growing medium moist but do not overwater as the seeds may easily drown and die.


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