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What is Live Resin and Why Many Stoners Love It | Crop King Seeds

What is Live Resin and Why Many Stoners Love It

What is Live Resin and Why Many Stoners Love It

Due to the fast and widespread legalization of cannabis, it encourages people to formulate new and innovative ways and practices into the market that maximize the full potential of cannabis. With this, various cannabis products and cannabis-infused goods are popping all over the world. One of these prominent cannabis-derived products that have been recognized as the future of cannabis is adored and loved by many stoners across the globe.

Resin – the future of cannabis. It is a newly formulated cannabis concentrate that possesses an amazing level of potent THC or CBD compounds. It has drive consumers and cannabis connoisseurs by storm. Apart from its promising psychoactive effects, it also encompasses an amazing set of scent and flavors. However, these are just some few features of what is live resin. Learn more about this rising star and understand why numerous stoners adore this concentrate.

What is Live Resin – Everything you need to know

Another form of concentrate derived from the cannabis plant, live resin, is acquired not just in an average manner and requires a special method to obtain. It is quite comparable to concentrates like BHO or CO2.

In creating live resin, it requires the new harvest cannabis to undergo a process of cryogenic freezing below 292° Fahrenheit. This process is commonly referred to as a full spectrum that makes up what is live resin. Consumers of cannabis love live resin because it allows the preservation of terpenes compared to other concentrates like BHO or CO2, wherein the terpene profile is lost completely throughout the process.

Generally, the moment cannabis is cured and dried after being harvested; it destroys the terpenoids of the plant. This is the reason that most concentrates that undergo curing have the absence of what makes cannabis promising and tempting. Factors like heat, light, and others degraded the terpenoids and lost their potential medical advantages.

Compared to what is live resin undergoes, it is processed without using cannabis decarboxylation, allowing the plant to acquire its natural and accurate terpene profile along with its psychoactive and medicinal values. What is live resin makes more outstanding than everyone, is the presence of terpenes like myrcene, linalool, limonene, and others.

As you know, terpenes each serve distinct medical benefits that can treat or alleviate various types of health conditions. This is what is live resin stands out above all other cannabis products and concentrates.

Characteristics and Appearance

What is live resin look like is something that would be asked by someone who has not yet encountered live resin all there life. To identify, live resins have a deep yellow appearance that has a consistency in between a wax-like texture and sauce.

Being a concentrate, the live resin has a very sticky texture. Although nowadays, there is some live resin that liquid-like consistency and some can be in between the wax and solid composition. 

Origin of Live Resin 

In terms of history, the live resin has a lengthy history to tell. Approximately in the year 2013, there is a group formed by some extractors and growers. They pioneered using the extract from a freshly frozen plant rather than undergo the curing and drying process.

Afterward, they invented a butane extractor that is responsible for extractions and serves as maintenance of the lowest temperature required to keep the plant materials frozen as possible. Because of this, this group of innovative individuals able to create a resin that has the closest possible terpene and chemical profile of an actual cannabis plant. This what is live resin delivers its purpose. 

What To Love About Live Resin 

What makes live resin different from other cannabis concentrates? Live resin contains a high serene amount, which makes it stand out from the other. Although there are live resins that have low serene concentration, it is the delicate extraction method of creating live resin that nobody else can reign its throne. Because of the terpenes, every live resin and the strain it derived, provides a different kind of feelings and values.

Many stoners give a lot of importance on the scent and flavor of cannabis that helps its effects feel more potent than it should be. Therefore, a lot of cannabis consumers are highly demanding their all-time beloved concentrates, even at a high cost.

What is live resin loved by many is the method of how it is consumed. Compared to smoking, live resin is much safe and possess healthier options to enjoy it. These methods include dabbing. A form of cannabis consumption that involves a dab rig that heats live resin at approximately 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, the aroma and terpenes of the strain remain intact and well preserved.

A dabbing pen makes it also much safer when using. Just using some vape pen, and you are all set for some high time session. Some stoners would prefer a much stronger kick of effects; hence they often opt for a topping bowl that expresses a more intensified outcome. This way likewise provides a more favorable method for medical consumers to maximize the medicinal potentials of the strain.

Growing Love for Live Resin

As compared before, what is live resin make more tempting and loved by many due to its high capabilities of bringing the best of the strains? Although they are very costly previously, the recent live resin products evolving these modern times are much more affordable than ever. Well, it does not mean it is cheap, but many stoners can now have the money for it in a much more favorable rate. 

For as long as cannabis consumers and connoisseurs continue to demand a much greater feel for flavor, scent, and effects, the live resin will continue to be rise despite the price it costs. At the end of the day, extraordinary experience from a concentrate that is packed and filled with natural and authentic terpenes of their desire is such an impressive event that many do not want to overlook.

On top of this, even when it requires a higher price, the consumption of amazing dosage of it what is live resin even loved by everyone. Not all concentrates happen to possess such an advantage. An array of THC levels that could reach up to 95% makes a game-changing incident. Beginner users must be careful in using live resin due to the psychoactive consequences it can deliver that might be overwhelming for some.

A much higher cost is ignored by many because, above all, a refreshing and natural experience from what is live resin can offer considerable demand in the marketplace. For beginners, it is something that should be considered trying to find out its suitability to your preferences.


In the next coming years, live resin is anticipated to expand in demand and popularity due to the widespread legalization of cannabis all over the world, especially for medicinal purposes. For stoners looking for some authentic cannabis experience that is loaded with delicate concentrated scent and flavors of their favorite strain, this what is live resin makes unique and remarkable than any other cannabis-derived products.


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