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What is Kush and What Makes it Popular? | Crop King Seeds

What is Kush and What Makes it Popular?

What is Kush and What Makes it Popular?

What is Kush? Kush is another term for marijuana or cannabis. Cannabis is known for a wide variety of terms due to the different languages and regions it is being used and consumed. The different terms of cannabis plants are passed on by travelers and enthusiasts who are in search of the best cannabis in the world.

However, whichever country you are in, cannabis is classified into three different types, which are Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. Each type has a different characteristic that separates it from one another; this can be by its effects, appearance, scent, flavor, and texture. Cannabis can also be named and identified by Pop culture terms such as OG, Kush, Mary Jane, and others that are far too many to identify.

Also, the majority of the cannabis names are coined after the most noticeable attributes of the plant. This can be by scent, flavor, color, or the area of origin, a great example is Afghan Kush and Strawberry Banana strains.

What is Kush: Why is it called Kush?

The term “Kush” came from the famous cannabis strains that originated in the mountains of the Hindu Kush that is located near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan; this is one of the few places where the cannabis plant thrives naturally without any human participation. Since this type of strain is unadulterated, it possesses a different level of potency and effects.

One general rule applies to all cannabis strains; if the breed is strong, it will have better characteristics as listed below:

  • Physical Appearance

If a cannabis gene is excellent and strong, it will exhibit a dark green color from its branch up to its leaves, and most of the time, it ill have patches of purple. The trichomes will look unique as well as the hairs of the buds, which will manifest a reddish to orange hue. The flowers are also bigger and sturdier.

  • Smell

One of the factors that will prove that the cannabis plant has high quality genetic is the aroma and scent it imbues. Some will have a fruity, citrus, sweet, pungent spicy, and strong scent that will take it apart from other strains. These scents can be therapeutic and relaxing for some people.

  • Flavor

The flavor of cannabis may vary from one person to another; to some, it will taste magnificent, while to others, it will taste like gas. The flavor of the cannabis strain can only be determined once smoked. It can produce a lot of flavors, such as fruits, flowers, and spices.

  • Effects

The effects differ from one type to another. The indicas are often defined as depressants; their effects are highly relaxing and sedating. This strain is typically used for patients that have sleeping problems or chronic pains as it numbs the pain receptors. As for sativas, these are characterized as energizers; this strain provides a sudden jolt of energy and confidence. This is widely used by various artists to stay awake and creative as well as being sociable. The main similarities of these types of strains are the euphoric effects and psychoactive effects.

The mentioned characteristics above vary from Kush to Kush, meaning there are combinations of strains that can provide different effects, but there are strains that have better effects. So, this means that no strain is created equal.

In the Kush breeding industry, famous, powerful Kush is being experimented to create better hybrid strains that can provide predictable, balanced effects of sativas and indicas. The majority of hybrid strains have unpredictable effects, for some, a certain hybrid strain leans on indicas, but for others, it will have more sativa effects vice versa. Kush is popular among breeders due to its unbelievable susceptibility to extreme weather conditions, which is very favorable among cannabis growers. To add, Kush strains are highly praised for their ability to produce a huge amount of yields, which is good for business.

Most Popular Kush Strains out in the market.

The popularity of Kush is evident, you can try typing “Kush” in your browser, and it will provide you with a hefty amount of information on the number of strains and where to find them.

OG Kush

This is truly the god of Kush; this is the best of the best. OG Kush is an indica strain that provides the best sedating effects but with a surprisingly comfortable euphoric high that will make you feel very happy and light. This is the strain that you would like to use when you want to enjoy your most awaited vacation. If you just want to feel good, then this is the strain for you.

Bubba Kush

This strain packs a punch that will surely give you the couch lock. This will make you feel heavy and would persuade you to just go to bed. Although this makes you feel extremely sleepy, it will also enhance your appetite, so you have to choose between food and sleep.

Purple Kush

This again is an indica strain that has the same sedating effects. The main thing that makes it the best is the purple hue it exhibits, as well as the fantastic grape taste that it leaves in your mouth. This is a fancy yet effective Kush strain.

Master Kush

This strain is one of the classics in the cannabis community, just like the OG Kush. This strain has the same effects as the Hindu Kush, which gives a well-balanced combination of sedating, relaxation, and uplifting high. This strain has lived up to its name ever since it was created. 


The popularity of this strain is all due to the potency it has and the experience that it provides, which people cannot avoid sharing. Also, due to a lot of Kush options, you can have a go and try them all. But don’t abuse it. This has been hyped all because it truly works and can be relied on in terms of its effect. What is Kush? Kush is a legend!


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