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What Happens if You Eat Weed?

What Happens if You Eat Weed?

As the understanding around the marijuana plant continues to expand, it appears that every week a growing trend is arising. While the traditional way of smoking marijuana is old news and makes it possible to look ahead to cannabis consumption, what happens if you eat weed – green, raw, and unchanged?

It seems that eating raw weed is among the latest methods of consuming for many users worldwide. Even though it may not stone you, it seems that the modest plant has so much to offer from the health viewpoint in its raw structure as it has through the crazy experience of burning it.

Keep reading this article as we’re going to discuss how, why, and what happens if you eat weed. Trust us, in the end, you’ll want to give it a try too!

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Cannabis

While it may sound strange, there are numerous reasons why eating canopy straw is the way forward. But it is essential to understand that if you’re considering getting high, raw weed isn’t for you.

Although there are plenty of excellent benefits, THCA cannot get you stoned. That said, an increasing number of consumers choose this raw form of marijuana since it contains an infinite list of therapeutic benefits. For those patients who want the healing power of cannabis without getting high, this may be the perfect match.  

However, aside from the absence of high, why would one like eating some cannabis raw? The truth is that marijuana is a small stalwart of nutritious benefits. When you eliminate the decarboxylation method, you’re left with a complete, healthy plant jam-packed with unusual properties.

Marijuana Is a Green Leafy

Among the first medical benefits of raw marijuana is that it is fiber-rich. As you know, fiber is crucial for the right digestion. It helps in the absorption and stimulates healthy bacteria development, which is ideal for physical and psychological health. 

Lots of Vitamins

Stop spending your money monthly on vitamins and minerals supplements out there, and raw weed is stuffed with all the essential nutrients the body is craving to become robust and healthy.  

Raw marijuana is discovered to hold all these vitamins:

  • Vitamin C which is ideal for improving immunity
  • Vitamin K which is crucial for absorbing calcium and blood clotting
  • Iron, Folate, and Calcium are ideal for renewing DNA, assisting oxygen travel in the blood, and keeping robust, healthy bones.

Ideal For a Good Night of Rest

You’re probably familiar with the terpenes (compounds that deliver marijuana its unique smell and taste), But what most people don’t know is how extremely beneficial terpenes are. In raw cannabis, you’re extracting even higher than you would in other small plant forms. Terpenes are in charge of the numerous cannabis benefits, from stress relief and calming two becoming smarter and more focused.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a quiet and good night of rest but not a fan of the buzz before going to bed, eating raw weed could be the real deal. It works like a charm in falling asleep fast, and most notably, keeps sleeping through the crucial REM cycles.

Are You Familiar with Anthocyanin? 

There’s a higher chance that you have any idea of anthocyanin and if so, we suggest you help yourself become knowledgeable. Anthocyanin is the abundant nutrient molecule that carries about that well-known purple, red, or sometimes blue color to the food. It is widespread in many superfoods, including eggplant and purple cabbage, and it’s perfect for general health and wellness. 

The raw marijuana is filled with anthocyanin (which gives off that fantastic purple-ish look of some marijuana varieties). It is ideal for boosting a healthy heart, stimulating the immune system, and improving eyesight.

Raw Weed Protects Your Body

Marijuana is chock-full of antioxidants, and when it is eaten raw, it gives even higher amounts of antioxidants. They are crucial for overall health, as they function to safeguard the human body and combat toxins. Eating marijuana could improve long-lasting health, Maintain the blood vessels healthy, and help reverse injury from old age deterioration.

Three Primary Reasons Why Eat Raw Cannabis

Perhaps you’re now familiar with all the therapeutic benefits of eating raw weed. However, if it is not enough to persuade you to start trying, Why not check out the other advantages of this way of consumption.

More Effective

Regardless if you choose to smoke with or consume it as an edible, The bad news is that these methods of intake are weak when it comes to the utilization rate of others aside from CBD or THC. Vaping, smoking, and concentrates leave THC remnant, Which is not digested or consumed.

(It is essential to keep in mind that once burned, marijuana loses more of its non-hallucinogenic cannabinoids that deliver numerous medical benefits).


There’s no doubt that there’s a marijuana consumption method for every user in this modern era. While devices like vaporizers are ever-increasingly careful, They also lose several of the herb plant’s natural therapeutic benefits.

If you’re using cannabis medically, then you know all about this problem and the stigma linked to taking marijuana. This can be smoking, vaping, and even edibles, it’s all out in the open, and every one has its say.

When you take marijuana in its raw structure, albeit, you are effectively eliminating all the anxiety and stress. You can eat a marijuana-rich salad at your office, and no will know the difference. You will not get high, and you get your daily dosage of medicine. Hence, it’s the best of both worlds.


We are aware of the thought that eating raw marijuana may put some users off. But, we are not recommending that you consume raw marijuana like it’s a fruit. You need to crush the raw marijuana flower until it becomes bits finely to help discharge the terpenes, cannabinoids, omega acids, vitamins, and many other natural elements.

Is salad your favorite? Dash some raw weed on top, and tada, a delicious salad with a plethora of benefits. However, if the salad is not your thing, raw cannabis goes perfectly with fresh fruit shakes and smoothies. Mix it with your favorite fruits, ingredients, and bomb!

Substitutes to Eating Raw Weed

Eating weed is not for everybody, and hence, a good substitute would be taking CBD. Even though these options from raw cannabis have many reasons, especially, because not all THCA will be gone, CBD products are becoming increasingly famous as a positive study keeps overflowing about the cannabinoid.

The most common way to take cannabinol is CBD oil, and because CBD derivatives are often non-mind-blowing, they are ideal for both the kids and elders.

Vaping is one more way of consuming, but smoking and vaping have side effects on the respiratory system. Taking edibles could be an excellent method of consuming marijuana without damaging your lungs.

The edibles effects vary from those of raw weed since the weed in edible underwent the decarboxylation process. 

Marijuana Edibles

In some states where leisure marijuana consumption is legal, 11% of consumers take the form of the edible. While in states where medical marijuana consumption is legal, about 5.1% are on edibles. Also, 4.2% of consumers claim using edibles in states where cannabis is prohibited.

Experts also discovered that candies and baked goods are the most consumed types of edibles in the USA.

Producers are also creating marijuana-rich products, including:

  • sublingual drops
  • Topicals
  • Pills
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Spreads
  • mouth sprays

People who are not fans of smoking, or don’t want to smell smoke, or feel worried about breathing in marijuana, may want to take edibles instead.

Is taking marijuana in an edible form can overdose a user? They may not realize this quickly because of the high kicks. To prevent excessive consumption, eat a little amount, and await the effects.

Is Eating Marijuana Less Harmful Than Smoking It?

Although smoking marijuana is not usually considered dangerous, the study has discovered that inhaling weed smoke can injuriously impact health, the same as cigarette smoke.

Both the marijuana and cigarette smoke have toxins such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia that can injure the lungs and trigger cancer danger.

At this time, some studies show a poor connection between smoking marijuana and specific types of cancer. Experts emphasize that it’s not clear if or how smoking weed provokes cancer risk, as numerous available research are low-grade, and confounding variables, like cigarette smoking, impact study findings. 

Also, smoking marijuana has been linked with bronchitis, lung inflammation, and even defective brain function. Unlike edible products, they have not shown to impact lung health or trigger cancer adversely.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about the possible health dangers of smoking marijuana, a good alternative is using edible marijuana instead. But because many of the marijuana studies pay more attention to smoking cannabis, the long-lasting effect on the health of taking edibles is still unidentified. Nevertheless, taking weed is less harmful than smoking weed.

Final Words On What Happens If You Eat Weed

Understand that eating weed will not get the interest of everyone. With the view of “getting stoned” or “getting high” totally absent, most people are unwilling to use this method of intake. But, it’s impossible to dismiss what happens if you eat weed (the medical benefits are overflowing).

Raw marijuana is available to all ages and classes because it cannot produce hallucinogenic, psychoactive effects. Therefore, some consumers are already claiming that it’s a possible means of intake for kids and older people.

If you still have not tried using it yet, we highly suggest eating cannabis raw and tell the truth.


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