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What are the Ways in Growing your Own Marijuana Seeds? | Crop King Seeds

What are the Ways in Growing your Own Marijuana Seeds?

Ways in Growing your Own Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana had been known all over the world to be an effective medicinal herb. Many studies have already proven the efficacy of this herb in battling any illnesses that keep people suffer. This is the reason why many have been considering cultivating their own Marijuana plants in their very own homes which they can use directly in cases that ailments would arise in the future. As a grower of Marijuana, you are already knowledgeable and must have been using different methods in growing your very own weeds. Hydroponics, indoor and outdoor breeding and cloning are just few of the most popular methods being used worldwide to produce Marijuana plants.

Why is hydroponics beneficial?

Hydroponics is the method of planting that makes use of water instead of soil. This is basically one of the newest methods to culture plants. Hydroponic would be perfect for planting Marijuana seeds because all the nutrients needed by plants would just be directly given into the plant by mixing it with water. Second, in using hydroponics, you are able to control the hydroponic environment that will make it possible for you to produce perfect plants. Your plants would also be more resistant to pests and mold using the hydroponic system.

What are feminized seeds?

As a grower of Marijuana, you know that there is truly a must to separate the male from the female plants. The constant need to do so will help you produce Marijuana plants that are purely female to create a good quality weed at the end. Feminized seeds are being used to produce female plants. In using feminized seeds or seeds that contain both male and female organs, you are assured that you don’t need to constantly separate male from female.

How is cloning done?

Cloning is another planting method that will help you ensure that what you are planting are female plants. What actually happens here is growers watch out for new shoots from the present Marijuana plants. Once new shoots appear, they can be cut about 2-4 inches and be transplanted into a new plant. They then would grow into new Marijuana plants with the same gender of the mother plant.


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