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What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds Yield | Crop King Seeds

What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds Yield

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds Yield

Marijuana seeds have been sold in the market for growers to plant and harvest marijuana once the plants reach maturity. The seeds can be purchased from various seed banks and come in various types, shapes and sizes. Though they are from different types, all of the varieties of marijuana are able to provide the user with a feeling of highness.

What are the different types of marijuana strain?

Marijuana seeds are classified into three: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. The first two are the ones which growers use to plant and grow, while the last one is used for some other purposes.

• Cannabis sativa – this variety usually grows tall and feature thin and fingerlike leaves. The yield of the Sativa plant could cause a “head high”, sometimes psychedelic, effect to its users. It could help spark creativity, enhance levels of energy and uplift one’s mood.
• Cannabis indica – the Indica plants tend to be short and bushy, as well as having wide and fat leaves. Plants of this variety could produce a more relaxing effect, likewise “body high” causing the user to feel “couchlocked”.
• Cannabis ruderalis – the ruderalis variety, also known as “ditchweed”, actually has no psychoactive properties on its own. Ruderalis plants are also known as “autoflowering” strains, which is the ability to flower on their own without changing the light schedule. Due to this, they are often mixed with some other strains.

Which is the perfect plant for you?

Various marijuana yields produce various results. For those suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic body pain and lack of appetite, the indica variety is the best choice and is a good choice for relaxation. Meanwhile, for those suffering from migraines and certain types of pain, the sativa variety makes a great choice and is mainly the choice for energizing.


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