Different Growing Mediums for Marijuana Seeds

What are the Different Growing Mediums for Marijuana Seeds?

After the germination stage of your cannabis seeds, it must be planted in a growing medium to continue its proper growth for the following stage. Growing mediums are the types of substance where you must grow your cannabis seedlings to have consistent access to oxygen, water and proper nutrients.

What are the types of growth mediums?

There are three major types of growth mediums namely, soil, soilless and other hydroponics mediums. The most common growth medium is the soil or compost which is easy to use, more natural and can be available anywhere. Second are the soilless mediums such as perlite, rockwool, vermiculite and coco coir. These are also great growth mediums as they function very much like the soil when you feed them with nutrients and water. This medium can provide higher yield and is often gets growth faster. An advantage of this medium is the resistant to molds and bugs. Lastly, aside from the mediums stated above, cannabis plants can also grow directly in air or water which can get the highest yield with a method called bubbleponics.

What is the best medium for growing marijuana plant?

After the germination stage of your marijuana seeds, it is necessary to find the best growth medium for its continued growth. There are two ways to determine the best medium for your use. First is the budget and the second is the yield. If you are a new grower with a tight budget, you can go for the soil or compost which can cost cheaper than any other growth mediums. But if you want to achieve a much higher yield, using a soilless medium is better. You may use variations of hydroponics mediums to find the best growing medium for your cannabis plant strain or hybrid. To get the highest yield, you can also try learning bubbleponics.

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