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Signs of Malnutrition in Growing Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

What are the Common Signs of Malnutrition in Growing Marijuana Seeds

common signs of malnutrition in growing marijuana seeds

Just like any other types of plants, marijuana plants could suffer from malnutrition issues even in the early stages of the marijuana seeds. Fortunately, you can get the issue fixed by getting a good nutrition system for your plants. One important thing which you should consider when providing nutrients for your marijuana plants is that there is a different nutrient schedule for the vegetative and flowering stage.

How do you know if your plants are malnourished?

There are certain factors that could cause malnutrition in marijuana plants, and one of the most common cause is the incorrect range of pH in both water and root zone of the plant. If the root zone of your plants is not in a correct pH range, they could suffer from various nutrient deficiencies.

One good sign to check if your plants are malnourished is the presence of abnormal or thick growth tips. This is an indication of boron deficiency, in which the leaves could display chlorosis (yellowing of leaves) and the stem become rough or hollow.

Another common malnutrition issue is calcium deficiency. The signs would include the leaves displaying dead sports, spotting, small brown spots of crinkling. Also, the new leaves could appear small and distorted along with the presence of curled tips.

How do you treat such malnutrition issues?

To treat boron deficiency in your marijuana plants, the best thing to do is to flush your system with a clean and pH’d water which has around 50% of the nutrients needed by your plant. Also, you have to make sure that the problem clears up to facilitate new growth.

Meanwhile, calcium deficiency happens when your plant can’t absorb calcium through its roots properly. Hence, to treat such issue you will need to have the right pH for your growth medium. Considering that calcium, magnesium and iron deficiencies often appear together, it is best to purchase Calcium-Magnesium supplement for treating such deficiency.


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