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Weed Hangover Home Remedy 101 | Crop King Seeds

Weed Hangover Home Remedy 101

Weed Hangover Home Remedy 101

Both a questionable notion and a popular fact, weed hangover, is a phenomenon that most commonly experienced by weed users that are usually affecting their brain from the high of cannabis. This is a phenomenon that is comparable to any type of hangover like alcohol but more tolerable. Although there are some pieces of evidence that opposing its validity, it is surprisingly experienced by many.

To understand more about weed hangover, this article will help you explore more of the signs and symptoms of weed hangover and relevant home remedies to ease the unwanted experience.

All About Weed Hangover

After a fun night of weed, you wake up, and suddenly you feel unmotivated, foggy and lethargic. Somehow when you try to recall a previous event, it seems unclear and vague. This kind of experience is what they call weed hangover, an event in your life that happens when you encounter the aftermath of consuming too much THC in your body.

It can be described as a real hangover; however, the symptoms are quite varied. It can range from mild to severe symptoms.

Home Remedies for Weed Hangover

When you have a weed hangover, it will usually just go away naturally; however, it may need some time. That is why we listed several home remedies that might be helpful for relieving, if not eliminating, weed hangover. 


If you are feeling fatigued and slightly sluggish after having some weed session, the greatest thing that you should after waking up is to take a shower. It may sound simple and won’t work, but you will be surprised that a refreshing bath is what you need to pull yourself together. This allows your body and mind to eliminate foggy delays. Best to run warm water to open airways of your body.

Get Some Rest

Sleeping is your best buddy if you have a weed hangover. Generally, any type of annoying and unwanted symptoms of weed hangover can be easily eliminated once you have a well-deserved sleep.

Eventually, it will start to subside, and your body will get back on track, you will barely remember that you had weed hangover. Sleeping is a very useful method that allows your body to restart and regain the full energy you needed without having you to do many jobs.


The moment you wake up and realize you are not in perfect condition, you must be having a weed hangover. Usually, when people experience headaches or migraines, they opt for medicines like ibuprofen or any over-the-counter medicine for pain relief that help weed hangover.

Eye Drops

This home remedy is specifically intended for dry eyes or red eyes. Some old stereotypes of back in the days that red and dry eyes are abnormalities from consuming weed; however, this is typically a natural phenomenon and part of a weed hangover. An eye drop will do the magic of eliminating the redness and dryness of the eyes as it naturally moisture booster.

Water and More Water

Drinking plenty of water will help eliminate weed hangover in no time. Replenishing your body with the right amount of hydration can help reduce any signs of discomfort such as headaches and nausea. 

Eat Some Food

Weed hangover can be very unpleasant; hence it is necessary to eliminate it by eating gentle foods. Always keep in mind that when using cannabis, make sure to it after. A day after consuming weed, a balanced breakfast and healthy dishes will serve as the best home solution that allows your body to receive much-needed nutrients and protein for refreshing restart. 

Cup of Tea

Have some ginger tea mixed it together with some sweet honey and lemon; it provides your body, particularly your digestive tract, some relaxing remedy. It can soothe the stomach for any aftermath effect of weed and help manage nausea. Serve yourself a cup of tea when you experience some hangover.

Caffeine and Coffee

Coffee is not just your ordinary morning drink, but it can also help you stay awake and alert whenever you feel lethargic and unmotivated after consuming weed. Sip a cup of coffee and enjoy its caffeine soothing your brain and gradually eliminate foggy feeling and fuzziness.


Since THC is the main reason for feeling weed hangover, consuming some CBD of any form will help in counteracting the symptoms related to the weed aftermath. There are supporting pieces of evidence that can prove to the effectiveness of CBD products for the improvement of brain functions and boosting concentration. 

Weed Hangover Prevention 

If weed hangover is an experience unpleasant for you, then the only thing that can help you prevent experiencing it again is to avoid weed. However, that is not going to happen. There are ways to make your weed experience a lot better, avoiding the adverse symptoms of a weed hangover.

When smoking weed and you have a significant event or work to attend, do not use the night before. Also, avoid using the weed every day if it is making you feel weed hangover from daily usage. Take a daybreak one after another, until some time that your body will get accustomed to the effects of the weed and build up your tolerance to THC. Daily usage will only lead to abrupt tolerance to weed and rather lead to withdrawal symptoms and hangover.

Moreover, overconsumption is the most common reason that many users experience a weed hangover. Before taking a toke, control, and understand how much quantity of weed your body and mind can tolerate and always hold to it. If not, you may try using weed with low THC and active compounds. In this way, you can smoke and consume as much as desire without worrying if you have taken a lot of active substances and prevent weed hangover the next day.

Finally, never mix weed with other drugs or substances that heighten its effects. Instead of the usual impact from a weed, the tendency will provoke a more strengthened outcome. 


There is still a need for researchers to further examine the effects of weed on people, including weed hangover. In the meantime, we can use the known and common home remedies for adverse symptoms.

If you wake up feeling that it is a weed hangover, it is advisable to understand the reason behind it early and figure out what you have done wrong in utilizing weed. Perhaps, you have attempted a new delivery method or a new strain of weed. Great to know that compared to alcohol hangover, a hangover from weed is less harsh and will fade off in time. If you encounter such a horrible experience, make it a lesson to handle and manage weed consumption next time.


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