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Weed Candy: Sweet Creation for Potheads | Crop King Seeds

Weed Candy: Sweet Creation for Potheads

Since the rightness of weed production and consumption are keep on expanding, the methods of consumption and ingestion are also taking part, including weed candy. Learn how weed candies are consumed and how to make them by reading below.

Why Cannabis Edibles

Different consumption of weed includes blunts, dabbing, vaporizers, bongs, and joints become more popular, especially with beginners, to consume weeds. These methods require to be ingested or the use of burning and inhaling the smoke.

What if you hate having a smoke? Thankfully, you can consume weeds without inhaling it by using another option, which is to ingest it with edibles known as weed candy. Many consumers are blissful about the weed edibles.

Weed edibles are the perfect form of cannabis for medical users who wants to experience the plant’s medicinal relief without dealing with inhaling its smoke. Similar to smoking weeds, edibles can also provide an extraordinary euphoric high that can be even loved by seasoned stoners who are looking for a more potent THC treat.

Different Forms of Weed Candy

Weed candy comes with many different forms, such as lollipops, gum, and the most popular is the lozenges. You can choose what kind of candy you are going to consume. It always relies on what situation are you are experiencing.

If you attend class or work in an office, lozenges are the ideal ones to consume as it can ingest secretly without making any hassle. On the other hand, gums and lollipops can be ideal if you want your afternoon to be more enjoyable and efficient. 

How to Make Weed Candy

Check out this simple recipe to make caramel weed candy.

Things You’ll Need

  • Cannabis Oil
  • One cup of sugar
  • One tablespoon water
  • Sauce Pan
  • Aluminum candy mold


  • Heat the saucepan in medium heat.
  • Put the one tablespoon water, cannabis oil, and sugar.
  • Mix until it appears sticky.
  • Pour in the aluminum mold and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Now your caramel weed candy is ready to serve.

Note: You can add flavoring, such as strawberry or cola, to make your weed candy a lot more exciting to eat. An alternative to sugar includes honey. You can also make weed candies out of chocolate bars infused with cannabutter to make your favorite chocolate candy treats!

How Weed Candy Goes Through Your System

Learn how weed candy passes the digestive system:

  • Once you eat weed candy and it begins to dissolve in your mouth, the cannabidiol will immerse through your arteries through ducts, which can be seen under your tongue. It is also known as oral weed intake. 
  • As the weed candy resumes to melt, it can be blended with the human’s saliva and can be swallowed after and goes through the stomach. 
  • The sugary formula continues to be ingested and goes into the bloodstream. This process is called as gastrointestinal consumption. 
  • The majority of weed candy intake is through orally. This is why the effects of weed edibles usually last longer compared to smoking as a small part is being swallowed through the stomach. This will make the effect slowly released with the use of ingestion.

How Long Do Weed Candy Kick its Effect

As most of weed candy products such as gum, lollipops, and lozenges, are usually ingested but not swallowed. Absorbing weed happens in mucus membranes of the mouth, making the effects literally become faster to experience. Unlike smoking weeds, the effect is usually felt after consuming it, in weed candy, the effects tend to last a bit longer as the cannabidiol is slowly dissolved through the stomach.

Different Health Benefits Related to Weed Candy

Weed candy offers wide-ranging medicinal benefits that have been used to treat different conditions throughout history. This modern-day, edible weed form happens to have many uses in the medicinal field and becomes to be more popular and natural treatments for different ailments.

Patients who are struggling with having both chronic and acute disorders may experience relief after ingesting weed candy. For patients who are suffering from different conditions such as insomnia, nausea, muscle pain, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even nervous system conditions can be benefited after the weed candy takes its effects throughout the body.

Also, individuals that are struggling from having gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s Disease will be delighted with the effects of weed candy and other forms of weed edibles. Weed candy can immediately provide cannabinoids needed straight to the area of disorder and quickly gives needed relief.

Is Weed Candy Ideal as Alternative for Smoking?

As mentioned above, weed candy can be the perfect alternative for consumers who don’t want the idea of smoke or simply don’t want to smoke. Those consumers can still obtain the ideal benefits of weed without taking the risk of smoking and death.

Also, patients who are troubling to eat and experience nausea because of chemotherapy may experience comfort from their indications by easily ingesting a low dosage of cannabidiol, which is commonly found in weed candies.

Another reason why many consumer tend to consume weeds through the help of weed candy is that it is more guarded, meaning no smell, no cough, and even no smoke included. You can ingest it anywhere and anytime time you preferred to do so. The most enjoyable part of obtaining THC with the use of weed candy is the effects that last longer compared to smoking weed.

This is because weed candy must need to be digested first. On the other hand, smoking or inhaling weed is quick to process as the smoke immediately goes through your lungs without making any hard procedures.

Different Concerns Regarding Weed Candy

When talking about cannabis consumption, there are many things to consider. Either you smoke or directly ingest it, you must first know about the quality of the product you are intended to consume. This time, there is still no available regulatory office where you ask concerns about weed candy. 

Here are some concerns about taking weed candies:

  • There is no guarantee that all preparation of weed candy comes with the same commercial standards. 
  • You cannot exactly trace what amount of allergens can be added into weed candy. So, for allergic individuals, this matter can be a major problem they interfere with while experiencing the healing benefits of weed candies.
  • Moreover, you cannot easily determine what kind of weeds they used to make weed candy. You can be sure about what product you consume when you just purchase a product that goes through lab-tested for the effects and potency. 
  • It is very important to must know first where the weed candy came from. Ask for your trusted dispensaries. If they run out of weed candy, they may suggest some trusted supplier where you can be able to buy for some.


Weed candy is good if you are a seasoned stoner and tried different weed before. If you never tried to ingest weed candy before better to ask for a trusted source for a better outcome. Once you love the test, try to experiment, making your very own recipe for having a batch of weed candy. This will not just let you gain more experience, but it also lets you save money as you will not need to always purchase for more when needed.


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