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10 Weed Accessories Every Stoner Must have | Crop King Seeds

10 Weed Accessories Every Stoner Must Have

10 Weed Accessories Every Stoner Must Have

If you are an experienced smoker, then there is no doubt that you are already familiar with the different accessories needed to smoke weed. Though there have been innovations in ways to consume weed, others still prefer the traditional method.

If you are a beginner stoner, you must know the different weed accessories that you need. It’s a must-have for stoners, and no matter where you are at home or trippin’ at a friend’s house, it is important to be prepared and have these weed accessories ready. 

10 must-have weed accessories every stoner should have

  1. Grinder – A grinder is the first thing that you must have as a stoner. It is a device that will allow you to chop, dice cup, and churn up marijuana. It is basic that to use the weed; it should be broken down into pieces. Before, cannabis users use scissors and later discovered that grinders are of much better use, and they won’t get your hand sticky. There are different kinds of grinders: electric grinders, wooden grinders, and metal grinders. With these grinders, you will be able to breakdown the weed properly for the best smoking experience.
  2. Airtight jar/ Container – An airtight container can be a jar or plastic container that is essential for storage. You must keep your weed in a container making sure that it is sealed to keep them fresh and spill-free. It will mask the smell and keep your marijuana in the best condition. Mason jars and Tupperware are examples of good airtight containers.
  3. Rolling papers and joint filters – these accessories are very important because they provide good ventilation or allow the air to flow. It is a must to keep rolling papers when you are going to roll your joint up. Rolling papers are the best option if you are using joints.
  4. Lighter – To have your own lighter to smoke your weed. You could carry it around inside your pocket because they are very handy and easy to carry. You can avoid the hassle of borrowing a lighter from other people. There are different types of lighters to choose from, but no matter what, they are all the same. Just make sure it works to light the wire to get you started with your smoking experience.
  5. Bong – for most experienced marijuana smokers, smoking with a bong is one of the classic ways to enjoy weed. Bongs are also called water pipe or bubbles because it contains water that filters and cools the vapor. It is also not dangerous to the heath because it minimizes any toxins from the weed.
  6. Eye drops – It is a common knowledge that one of the side effects of using cannabis or marijuana is having dry eyes or red eyes. For some very obvious reason, it is best to have eye drips ready to fix such a situation. But do not just get any kind of eye drops. Makes sure that these are safe. Most eye drops can be bought over the counter in a pharmacy so you can ask if they are safe for red eyes. The effects of smoking may result to dry burning eyes or red eyes, so it is better to be ready at all times.
  7. Rolling Tray or Ashtray – well, basically, since you are smoking, you really need an ashtray. For obvious reasons, you want to keep your place tidy. An ashtray is where you put the ashes. As a responsible smoker, you want to keep your place clean as much as possible, so keep an ashtray when you smoke. Also, keep a rolling tray which you will be using for rolling blunts, joints, and spliffs. It makes rolling much easier, and it takes care of the mess. Rolling tray will keep your weed altogether so that it won’t spill on the couch or on the floor, keeping your spic and span.
  8. Glass bowl or glass pipe – There are many ways on how to smoke weed, and you can experiment. For most cannabis smokers, one of the safest ways to smoke weed is by the use of a glass pipe or a glass bowl. It is safe because it won’t release any harmful components. Smoking weed using a glass pipe or bowl has proven to be efficient and easy. If you are going to choose which bowl and pipes, you need not worry because they are a lot of quality glass pipes and bowls that are being marketed and it comes in different style and shapes. Glass pipes and bowls can bring ease of use as they are portable.
  9. Cleaners and brushes – these are very important as you have to clean your gear very after using it. Whether you are using a glass bowl, pipe, or a bong, these gadgets should be kept clean after your smoking session. Talk about hygiene here; make sure that you practice that in every smoking session. This is obviously for health reasons. Some specialized cleaners and brushes are made for cleaning pipes and bongs; you have to have those. On the other hand, if you are smoking weed in a glass bowl, well, it is easier to clean because it is like cleaning a regular bowl using dishwashing soap and thoroughly rinsing it. Keep your gears clean, mind your health.
  10. Vaporizer – you may be a traditional smoker and have enjoyed smoking for a long time, but you should also be aware that vaping is a trend in the cannabis community. This smoking method heats the weed to a certain temperature to release the vapor. A vaporizer is a good tool to keep, and you can try vaping as it brings about smoother and cleaner experience.


For regular weed smokers, these weed accessories are very important. These tools and gadgets are a must-have to make each smoking session hassle-free. As a real stoner, being ready for every smoking session is a must. Check your list and make sure that you have these tools and gadgets. Happy smoking!


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