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Wake and Bake 101: Do's and Don'ts | Crop King Seeds

Wake and Bake 101: Do’s and Don’ts

Wake and Bake 101: Do’s and Don’ts

Many cannabis users indulge themselves with various rituals and routines. One of them is delving themselves with the infamous wake and bake rituals. Wake and Bake should not be confused with evening time cooking show or any kind of bake-off. If you want to start your day right, you’ll indulge in the wake and bake method.

What are the wake and bake methods? And how does it help you start your day, right? If you want to know more about what is wake and bake all about, read down below!

What are Wake and Bake?

Wake and Bake, as the name suggests, is the method of enjoying marijuana first thing in the morning. Smoking cannabis early in the morning sets your day right, positioning your mind, body, and soul for the rest of the day, a focus you place yourself for doing chores, having the right creativity to make yourself useful at home or the office, and or just steering yourself in the right kind of mindset that will leave your day feeling whole and satisfied.

Some people engage themselves in the wake and bake method because their brain is not functioning much after waking up. What wake and bake do to them is rejuvenating their minds; thus, they tend to be more productive at an earlier pace. Regardless of which type of strain you use, or what kind, cannabis has been known to induce creativity, euphoria, and focus. If you have this at an earlier time, then most likely, you’ll be greeted with positive vibes.

A survey conducted in 2017 reportedly saying that almost 23% of people in the United States enjoy their cannabis early in the morning. The explanation about this might be the stressors all over the surroundings, having yourself cannabis declutters your mind and frees up all those unnecessary negativities. However, the right amount of weed is appropriate to keep yourself busy during the day; you’ll be feeling sluggish and lazy.

Before you binge-watch all eight seasons of Game of Thrones or delve yourself with various tasks at hand, there are some essential tips to consider in getting the most out of your wake and bake session.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wake and Bake Setup

Do’s and Don’ts: Pick the RIGHT strain 

Ensuring that you smoke the right strains plays a crucial role for the day you have planned, and it can also make your life easier. In this department, the best choice would be choosing pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant strains than Indica strains. If you indulge in wake and bake-up, the most appropriate one is not selecting a firmer pressure if you plan on doing things and other social activities.

While Indica gives you a pleasant high, they are best used at night because they have quite sedative powers. Also, Indica dominant induces lethargic and lazy behaviors. So, if you have tasks ahead, avoid Indica ones.

Sativa-dominant strains will provide you with inner focus and a creative mind. One of the best things about Sativa-dominant strain is that they are highly capable of inducing energetic behaviors and will make you more uplifted compared to Indica. An excellent example of wake and bake strains are Diesel or Chocolate haze.

A better choice would also be picking CBD dominant strains that have lesser THC content. These CBD strains aren’t quite as psychoactive as the THC-dominant ones.

Another option would be by consuming edibles, consuming weed with an appropriate dose of edibles is good enough to serenade your day in a beautiful note. Plus, edibles can be eaten at any time of the day, like breakfast.

Do’s and Don’ts: Schedule

When it comes to Do’s and Don’ts with schedule, it is crucial to start your session feeling like you don’t have to do anything throughout the day, and that is why if you plan on the wake and bake, clear your schedule. To achieve a desirable mood throughout the day, you might not want to venture out of your home.

When you want to smoke Indica-dominant strains, don’t! Smoking Indica might be an excellent way to relax, but it induces sedation. The best way to enjoy your weed is to clear your schedule and just chill the day away, no worries, no problems. Get stoked!

Do’s and Don’ts: Clothes

Another important aspect of waking and baking is wearing comfortable clothes or having your bed filled with comfy pillows. If you plan on getting a significant amount of relaxation, then you might want to avoid wearing restricting dresses or garments. Garments such as over-sized hoodies, shirts, or everything that you feel is extremely comfortable, then go for it!

However, if you plan on waking and baking before going to work, then you must wear something that will make you hardly noticed that you just smoked. By this, wear something that a stoner wouldn’t typically wear if they’re stoned. Get your suit and tie, and let those shoes shine! Looking is sharp is the best way to go about it.

Do’s and Don’ts: Prepare Breakfast, Don’t Smoke on an Empty Stomach

An excellent and sumptuous breakfast will prepare your mind and body to endure the day’s tasks, including smoking marijuana. Above all, being full helps to set the tone throughout the day.

Just a reminder, preparing breakfast you’re comfortable with is also a key to having an enjoyable day.

Do’s and Don’ts: Smoke before shower

If you plan on wake and bake and want to venture out, or later on the day, smelling like marijuana is not a great idea. Although showering might refresh your body, it is essential to smoke first before showering. In this way, the smoke residue that remains in your body will be washed out. Remember, a great shower bath is also a factor to have your day feeling relaxed and fantastic.

Final thoughts 

There plenty of reasons why people indulge themselves with the wake and bake method. For people, it is the best method to keep their outlook for the day positive. As long as you know the do’s and don’ts of wake and Bake, you’re good to go!

The vital thing to note when it comes to wake and Bake is by far the strain, Sativa is known to induce you with energizing, focus, and creative feelings, whereas Indica produces lethargic and lazy behaviors. So, pick your strains and let them guide you throughout the day!

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