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Vaping vs Smoking Weed: Which Do You Prefer? | Crop King Seeds

Vaping vs Smoking Weed: Which Do You Prefer?

Vaping vs Smoking Weed: Which Do You Prefer?

As an avid consumer of weed, you might encounter a lot of people saying there is more to weed than just smoking it. You already know that weed is more popular today because people smoke it in the past. But, as times have changed, more people also found new ways to improve the way they enjoy weed and how it can be achieved without having to smoke it. However, there are still purists who would argue that there will always be something natural about smoking weed; thus, the argument between vaping vs smoking weed continues.

But which method is more convenient and effective in getting you high? Which one is more beneficial healthwise to you as a smoker? In this article, we learn more about vaping vs smoking weed and all in-between.

An Argument For Smoking Weed

Many of us have known to associate weed with smoking. We roll up a joint, light it up, and enjoying smoking it for countless hours. But, there are a lot of benefits to smoking weed apart from using edibles or vaping them.

Some might say that smoking weed has already passed its prime and that we need to move on to using technology to create a safer way to consume weed. Smoking weed might have its risks, including throat and lung irritation, due to inhaling the harsh smoke, but smoking is still a safe and effective way of consuming weed. The convenience you get from simply rolling up a joint and smoking it is out of this world. You can easily enjoy weed amongst your friends without needing to bring a bong or a vaporizer with you. You can even share a joint with your friends and enjoy experiencing the high all at the same time.

The beauty of sharing a joint creates a bond between cannabis users that not a lot of people understand and take advantage these days. Smoking cannabis is a social experience for many, and it should be shared through smoking. When it comes to vaping weed, each vaporizer has its own set of options that change the way weed is being used; hence not a lot of people can appreciate the vapor it produces.

The main thing that causes people to prefer smoking weed from vaping them is the cost. The price for a vaporizer can cost up to around $350 alone, and that’s without buying the solution for the vaporizer. Another downside to vaping is the cleaning process. When you smoke a joint, you can simply discard it after you’re done. The use of vaporizer entails a lot of maintenance work, so those who are always on-the-go will have to take their time in cleaning their vaporizer.

Lastly, smoking weed has been done for many centuries and has stayed that way since it means that it is an effective way of consuming weed. Many people still smoke weed naturally through a joint, and it continues to be a popular way to enjoy cannabis.

An Argument For Vaping Weed

In recent years, vaping or vaporizing has been one of the trending alternative ways of consuming weed. Vaping is thought to be safer than smoking weed; hence many people are slowly turning to vape to maximize their experience with weed.
But what is vaporizing, and how is it different from smoking? Smoking weed means you need to light up a joint to enjoy marijuana. Vaporizing, on the other hand, uses heat from the vaporizer to activate the compounds from weed, which can be inhaled. The major difference is that smoking uses fire while vaping uses heat, and the temperature is controlled. Here are some of the benefits you get from vaping.

  1. Vaping is healthier than smoking. Burning weed through smoke entails a lot of harmful substances and carcinogens that may result in different health risks. Smoking weed, together with tobacco, is especially ripe with carcinogens. Vaping, on the other hand, contains few toxins as the solution used in vaping is processed; thus, all toxic substances have been eliminated.
  2. Vaping improves lung health, as well. Switching to vaping causes your lungs to inhale vapors instead of smoke, which is a much lower threat to your health. Smoke irritates the throat and lungs more than the vapor that comes from vaping weed. The long term outcome of smoking weed is far more dangerous than vaping.
  3. The compounds found in weed are very sensitive to heat. Smoking weed means you are lighting up your buds without control of the heat that you used. Heat disintegrates these compounds faster; hence you get less amount when you smoke it. This means that you will have to smoke more just to maximize the potency of your weed.
    Meanwhile, vaping uses controlled heat to activate these compounds, thus making sure that you get what you need out of a single dose. Vaping preserves all of these compounds; hence you can maximize its potency. There is no need for you to vape a lot just to get the high that you need. Additionally, you won’t be wasting a lot of your buds just to get there.
  4. Vaping offers a lot of flavors as well. Since vaporizers use solutions that are premade, these solutions can be infused with flavors and aroma that will heighten your experience with weed. Additionally, these solutions are also concentrated forms of cannabinoids, which are already potent in its self. Adding terpenes and other compounds make the experience even better.
  5. The use of vaporizer means it is a much safer approach to consuming weed. You don’t need to use fire or any volatile methods to light up your weed; hence you feel safe when you vape. This suggests that safer use of weed result in a more enjoyable experience. The convenience you get from using a vaporizer outweighs all the disadvantages you get from smoking weed. Overall, vaping is a much more enjoyable experience for many weed users.

Vaping vs Smoking Weed: The Bottom Line

There are still a lot of heated debates about vaping vs smoking weed. All have different pros and cons, but it all boils down to preference. Those who want to find a cheaper, cost-effective, and convenient way to consume weed should be smoking them while those who have special needs and want to experience weed with more flavors should go for vaping.


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