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Types of Bongs You Can Use for Smoking Weed | Crop King Seeds

Types of Bong You Can Use for Smoking Weed

Types of Bong You Can Use for Smoking Weed

There are several techniques on how to take your THC and CBD fix nowadays as we already have blunts, joints, edibles, wax, shatter, and this list is never-ending. Despite these various and new techniques to marijuana consumption, one thing is still persistent: bong is the thing that can be relied on and the option for cannabis consumption. However, just like the several distinct methods to ingest marijuana commodities, there are a lot of distinct types of bong to select from.

With that, we will discuss its various types so that you will be a knowledgeable marijuana user. Also, this post will let you perceive the distinction between a percolator and a gravity bong. As such, this is also made to let you know the types of bongs obtainable for your marijuana session to be pleasurable.

Now, let us begin the discussion on the several materials that bongs are created so you can perceive the advantages and disadvantages of each. After this, we will discuss the various bong designs that you need to select.

Types of Bongs by Materials


Glass is the most well-known material utilized to create bongs. It gives a clean and real flavor since the glass does not influence the taste of the fume. Also, glass is very simple to keep an eye on the expansion of resin since it is transparent. It is as well very simple to wash if the expansion will turn into a problem. Due to these elements, glass bongs are sometimes more costly compared to bongs created from other materials.


Plastic is likely the second most well-known material for creating bongs since it is highly durable. You may let a plastic bong fall throughout a coughing fit and the only destruction it can contribute is the strain of water on the floor. Additionally, plastic bongs are reasonably cheap if compared to other materials. Bongs created from this material are best when you have a tour since they are hard to break and do not smash or split similar to glass or ceramic. However, the only disadvantage of plastic bongs is that they may gently influence the flavor of your fume.


Ceramic bongs are inclined to be weighty and stronger if contrasted to the other materials here. With that and their overall frailty, ceramic bongs cannot normally use when you travel. They do, but they must have a useful function in all types of shapes, measurements, and colors. Additionally, ceramic bongs are normally a little more costly compared to plastic bongs due to the process of making this kind of bong. 


Bamboo is one of the well-known materials wherein bongs are created. Bamboo bongs can vary from beautiful basic like a pipe of bamboo secured at the lower part to ornamented and decorated with metal, lacquer, and coloring mixed into the design. Moreover, bamboo is very strong which implies that it will somehow last for a long time if you take care of it correctly.


Metal is as well utilized to create bongs though the application is not as usual as glass and plastic. Metal is also very strong and enduring. It is as well somehow inexpensive. However, the drawback of metal bongs is they can give impact to the flavor of your fume and you cannot perceive as when to wash them.

Types of Bongs by Design

Since we already discussed the material wherein the bongs are made, this time we will go to the types of bongs by design. Every bong listed below may be made from the aforementioned materials, though some materials are more usual compared to others.

Carburetor Bongs

The bong you have will either has a pit in the center of it will not have. When your bong has a hole, it is a carburetor bong. When there is not a pit, it is not a carburetor bong. Carburetors are not important to the pattern of the bong; however, a lot feel that they produce a lot of fierce hits. The reason behind that is, if you let go of your finger, the carburetor pit permits fresh air to the tube. The said air propels the fume to your lungs more instantly and the reason why it is easier to breathe in all the contents in the tube.

Straight Tube Bongs

Straight tube bongs are the easiest design obtainable. They have composed of a plain pipe closed off on the other side with a stem, as well as a basin, sticking out on the side. You gush out a little water in the pipe, put your weed in the basin, and you are set to go. It is an easy and uncomplicated consuming of weed at its finest.

Beaker-Formed Bongs

The beaker-formed bongs are just the same to the straight tube bongs excluding that the lower part is blazed to a cone formed, which appears similar to a beaker and that is what its name implies. Additionally, beaker bongs are more solid compared to straight tube bongs since they have a bigger foundation. The smoking procedure is also similar: only put water, weed, and blaze and you are ready to consume your weed.

Round-Foundation Bongs

Round-foundation bongs are also the same to beaker bongs wherein the foundation is broader compared to the pipe and the embouchure. Round-formed bongs, as the name implies, have a round-formed water boudoir with a leveled foundation. They are firmer compared to straight tube bongs, but less firmly compared to beaker bongs since their leveled surface is more compact. Without regard or consideration of the form, straight bongs, beaker bongs, and round bongs, the three of them have similar techniques in consuming.

Percolator Bong

This type of bong can also be referred to as straight tube bong, beaker formed bongs, round foundation bongs, or any of the other form you can think of. The thing, which formulates them distinctive, is that they comprise of a percolator. The percolator is a portion of the glass, which evaporates the fume before it goes over the water and the grounds of sparkling impacts in the bong. Unrolling the fume out in that method assists to filtrate it better and make it refreshing instantly.

Furthermore, the percolator may be at the lower of the bong, in another area, or both. Due to the complication of this type of bong, they can be hard to wash and not to state more costly.

Final Notions on the Types of Bongs

It can be thought that bongs are the superb techniques for stoners to have the generally desired high. Not just bongs provide enormous worth for money but bongs also provide stoners the best high, which will bring them to a distinct level. Of course, just like other things, there are numerous disadvantages like cleaning but you must not allow little things similar to that stop you. After all, all the things require a bit of cleaning, and bongs are not exempted. Bongs can provide you some of the greatest moments in consuming marijuana and if you are devoted to cannabis, you must try bongs and you will not be frustrated.


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