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Tips in Curing Marijuana Seeds Growth Problems | Crop King Seeds

Tips and Guidelines in Curing Marijuana Seeds Growth Problems

Being a grower of Marijuana seeds, you cannot avoid having to encounter growth problems along the way. As early as now, you should know how to battle off these problems in order to become a good Marijuana cultivator. Not on that, in becoming knowledgeable on how to handle these it would help you to avoid occurrences of these problems. This will then enable you to produce the best quality weed and medicinal herb to help you cure those illnesses.

How you should deal with drooping leaves of Marijuana?

As a new grower of Marijuana plants, you might naturally panic when you find the next day that the leaves of your Marijuana plants are drooping. The cause of this is basically over and under watering of your plants. It is very important to take note that giving your Marijuana plant with enough is very important for it to grow properly. Never allow it to dry up nor get too soaked with water. You need as well to make sure that the soil you are using is properly mixed in order to avoid this problem.

Why is there yellowing between leaf veins?

The yellowing of leaf veins is brought about by deficiency of potassium. Being one of the macronutrients needed by plants, you have to make sure that your plant gets enough potassium all throughout the cultivation process.

Why are the roots having a foul smell?

The probable problem with your roots is that it lacks oxygen. When roots lack oxygen they will most likely rot. All you have to do is to remove the plant from the container and remove all the rotted part. Rinse it with clean water and replace your medium with a sterilized container. Make use of an air stone to allow more air to come in if possible. Better drainage can also be employed.


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