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The Importance of pH Level Maintenance Growing Marijuana | Crop King Seeds

The Importance of pH Level Maintenance While Growing Marijuana Seeds

pH Level Maintenance

For an experienced marijuana seed grower, maintaining the level of pH is quite important. Basically, the pH for growing your marijuana plants could affect the yield and the quality of marijuana plants you could produce.

Why is the right pH important when growing your marijuana seeds?

It has everything to do with the nutrients to be absorbed by your plant. Various nutrients could get absorbed at various pH ranges. Generally, the pH of your marijuana plant’s root zone plays a vital role in preventing any form of nutrients problems when growing marijuana plants from occurring. If the pH is either too low or too high, the roots of your marijuana plants could not be able to absorb nutrients properly.

Once that happens, your plants could begin showing signs of malnutrition, despite the fact that the essential nutrients needed are all available the growing medium. So to help prevent any form of nutrient problems from occurring in your plants, it is necessary to check and adjust the pH in your marijuana plant.

How does an incorrect pH level affect your plants?

If you feed your plants with incorrect pH, they could develop a cannabis nutrient deficiency. As a matter of fact, around 50% of the most reported causes for nutrient deficiency of a cannabis plant are caused by an incorrect pH. Hence, adjusting the levels of pH of your water as well as your marijuana root zone could help you produce plants with plenty of glistening trichomes.

How do you test the pH of your plant’s root zone?

It is possible to test your plant’s root zone by using a pH kit or pH meter. When you grow your plant in water, it is best to take a sample of the water then test the pH level of that sample. Yet when your plant is grown in soil or any other medium, you need to test the water going into the plant as well as the water that runs out of it.


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