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The Guide to Botanical Cloning in Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

The Guide to Botanical Cloning in Marijuana Seeds

The Guide to Botanical Cloning in Marijuana Seeds

Most growers have accepted the fact that gone are the days when earlier growers would just rely on the conventional method of growing cannabis. With the advent of technology, there are now newer ways to grow your own cannabis. You can either use cannabis seeds themselves as they are and use the modern methods for them to grow faster or have a more powerful strain as compared to the rest of the cannabis variety.

Why is Cloning Preferred by Most Growers?

The main reason for this is because most growers are unable to perfect the perfect strain so that it can produce the highest yield and at the same time possess the highest quality of cannabis. With science, they can just choose a perfect strain of cannabis seeds and make a clone from the said plant. In that way, there will be lesser efforts as to finding which perfect strain could provide the best quality.

How is cloning of cannabis being done?

When one would choose cloning as a way to grow marijuana seeds, the grower will just simply take a branching from the mother marijuana plant. The said branching being extracted from the mother plant will then be used by growers for it to grow and bear marijuana flowers. Basically in the process of clones, all the clone marijuanas will become female as they will produce the exact outcome based on the quality and feature of the mother plant.

What is the negative implication in cloning?

Actually, there is only lesser disadvantage when one intends to grow through cloning. But if there is, the main challenge here is how correctly they have followed the procedure of cloning. Should they be unable to properly clone the plant, the results could be disastrous and may be quite a hassle to wait for weeks and only in the end have lower quality cloned cannabis.


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