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What To Know About Male & Female Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

The Gender Between The Male and the Female Marijuana Seeds

The Gender Between The Male and the Female Marijuana Seeds

It is apparent everywhere that in terms of purchasing marijuana seedlings, the consideration for its sex is really a great issue especially to breeders. This is because that each gender has a distinct feature that the other doesn’t have so people tend to grow out favorites between these two genders.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are easier to grow. During the harvest time, you would likely to expect for buds rather than seeds. This notion makes it easier to plant another set of cannabis out of its bud. When you are still starting out, you are to get seeds. But when you have grown a plant out of it and happen to produce a bulb, you are in huge advantage for faster process in populating your marijuana. This is the reason why most growers resort for feminized seeds rather than for those unidentified yet.

What are Male Cannabis Seeds?

These male cannabis seeds are also referred to as regular marijuana seedlings. This means that they have been bred from a male and female parent plant to give out a regular gendered seeds – the male side. Unlike the feminized one, you are most likely to expect seeds during the harvest time. It may be a little difficult to plant because seeds are sensitive in nature compared to buds. Yet if you happen to be a retailer only you can find the convenience of selling this regular seeds to everyone. During the ordering process, clients are supposed to order seeds rather than buds that could wear off and die during shipment if packed without due diligence.

Where to Purchase Male or Female Cannabis Seeds?

As an advice, you have to consider making a purchase from a retailer in Canada since the country has a mark to be the good market place for marijuana whether for medicinal or personal consumption.


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