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The Easiest Way to Harvest Yields from Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

The Easiest Way to Harvest Yields from Marijuana Seeds

As a grower of marijuana, you should be able to understand the factors that could cause your marijuana plants to produce the biggest buds, as well as the highest yields possible. Well, to make such thing happen, there are plenty of methods you can use out there. However, in this article I am going to teach you about a method which is a bit unconventional for your plant but can surely produce bigger yields. It’s none other than the super cropping method.

What is super cropping?

Super cropping is a high stress training technique used for producing bigger yields from your marijuana plant by slightly hurting it in a planned manner. By using this technique, you can expect your plant to be a lot bushier, along with a good number of buds plus a higher level of THC. In general, such outcome is the plant’s natural response to itself just in case things start going awfully wrong.

The technique of super cropping is relatively easy, and is also proven to be one of the most effective for producing better harvest. All you need is just your fingers, a roll of duct tape, and a simple knowledge and understanding of what should be done.

How is super cropping done?

1. Choose which branches you want to super crop – in this phase, you need to pick those parts which are old but are still flexible. Moreover, they should be green and not wood-like.

2. Gran the branch then apply pressure by squeezing it firmly using your thumb and forefinger – just keep applying pressure until you hear or feel a slight snap. Also, bend it towards the direction in which you want your plant to grow.

3. Use your duct tape for taping cracked parts – if done right, this would no longer be applicable. But if you notice a split or crack in the outside of the stem, you may need to use a duct tape to fix it up and help the plant heal quickly.

After the process, you can expect to see a plant which is bushier and produce higher yields for you.


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