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The Best Harvest Time for Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

The Best Harvest Time for Marijuana Seeds

best harvest time

For all growers, the most important and the most exciting part in growing cannabis is the harvest time. Obviously, the main reason for this is that is that perfect time when these cannabis seeds will be finally taken for use, consumption, or for shipping if you are one of the seed banks. And yet, at the same time, it is considered to be the most crucial because this is the point in time in which your seeds should be attested if they are right for use and consumption.

How to tell if cannabis seeds can be harvested already?

There are many ways to know when the perfect time to harvest cannabis seeds is. One of which is based on the cannabis seeds’ life cycle. If you are an expert grower, you will know when the usual harvest time of the cannabis is. Another is to assess the pistils of the cannabis plants and also the trichomes condition of the plant.

How are cannabis plants determined for harvest based on pistils and trichomes?

One may be able to harvest from the said marijuana seeds if most of the white pistils have changed color to brown or dark red. They would at least be 50 to 80 percent majority. The second one is that the majority of the trichomes have turned to a more milky and translucent substance from being clear.

What happens if marijuana is not harvested in its right time?

If marijuana plant is not being harvested in its right time, the plant will not taste as good as it should be. Moreover, it will be harder for it to ignite when being consumed. Thus, it is best that patience must be observed so as to achieve the best harvest condition of the said plant. Never be too hasty or too late for harvest it.


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