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The Art and Science of Breeding: Marijuana Seeds Style | Crop King Seeds

The Art and Science of Breeding: Marijuana Seeds Style

The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing Marijuana seeds has truly become very beneficial nowadays especially that many people are using Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Because of the very benefit that Marijuana offers the world, it should be worth the time knowing on how does the Marijuana plant became what it is right now. In being able to know the process that this medicinal herb goes through, one would be able to appreciate more the very existence of this medicinal plant. For many of us that is not really knowledgeable about plant, once you get to hear about breading, what comes directly into your mind are animals that are being bred to reproduce. No one would directly think that plants are actually capable of being bred. Well, this would be a good read for you.

What are the breeding processes that plants like Marijuana can apply?

Well, Marijuana plants are very lucky that they can be bred both indoors and outdoors. In indoor breeding, the cultivator can make use of artificial environments in order to produce Marijuana plants. It might seem to be expensive but in would be beneficial at some point like in cases that outdoor breeding is not possible because of pollution and such. Outdoor breeding is another kind of breeding that can be applied to Marijuana plants. This kind of breeding makes use of the natural environment like the sunlight temperature, ventilation and everything that follows. It is actually cheaper than the indoor.

What are the other differences between outdoor and indoor?

One good difference that can be noted in the two breeding is that the outdoor breeding produces Marijuana strains that are more resistant to pests and mold. By this we mean, they would turn out to be stronger than the indoor bred plants. Not only is that, outdoor plants are found to be taller than indoor bred plants.

What is the best way to prepare seeds for breeding?

The best way to prepare plants for breeding is by letting them germinate. In doing so, you already let them grow initially making sure that they will continue to grow to produce a good yield at the end of the said cultivation. In germinating the seeds first, you know which seeds are healthy and which are not.


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