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The Advantages of Growing Marijuana Seeds with CFL Lights | Crop King Seeds

The Advantages of Growing Marijuana Seeds with CFL Lights

Advantages of Growing Marijuana Seeds with CFL Lights

Most growers would like to plant their marijuana indoors. To avoid any nutrient deficiency issues, they resort for a hydro planting system that would use up water instead of soil as the base. This water is mixed with nutrients – similar to fertilizers – and cultivated from time to time for the proper distribution of minerals. However, in this case, there is one important factor that shouldn’t be neglected – light.

How important is CFL Lights in Marijuana Planting?

CFL is one of the most encouraged lighting bulbs in the world today. This is because aside from the fact that it is safer to use for the sensitivity of your marijuana seeds, it works efficiently as intended. It consumes less electricity cost and it is thin enough for your budding marijuana. Old fashioned lights could burn the little sprouts of some of your strains according to reviews. You wouldn’t let that one happen because the process of growing your marijuana under the artificial light is like incubating a baby in your hospital.

Can this work with Soil Based Marijuana too?

Yes. This is a typical sunlight simulation that is used indoors. If you happen to rather put your plant in a pot full of soil, then you have to arrange a storage house where your plants will be surrounded by the series of lights coming from the CFL bulbs. It has to be always CFL or else you have to plant outdoors.

Where can I buy Seedlings that are Suitable for CFL Lights?

Most seedlings prefer CFL light as a matter of fact and they are never that hard to find. In Canada, there are a lot of retailers and breeders that offer a nice deal for marijuana seeds. You may want to ask for tips and additional special orders for your lighting system.


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