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Must-Try Super Soil Recipe for Your Cannabis | Crop King Seeds

Must-Try Super Soil Recipe for Your Cannabis

super soil recipe

To grow healthy mature cannabis plants, growers are responsible for providing each plant with the necessary nutrients that they require. Many factors dictate how a plant grows, but providing them with all their needs would ensure that the risks involved are up to a minimum. Most cannabis plants are cultivated in soil, and this is the reason why a good super soil recipe is key for your cannabis plants to bear healthy fat buds. But what is super soil, and how does it affect the plants?

What is Super Soil?

Super soil is the term used for the growing medium that incorporates many organic lifeforms to enhance the quality of the soil. Nutrients and other organisms are infused into the soil to provide high-quality nutritional value to the plant. It is a well-rounded organic soil that uses all-natural products and gives you full control of the nutrients that you want to feed to your plant. It is also an affordable way to provide food to your plants without needing to procure a lot of fertilizers or additives for your plants to grow healthy.

The question now is, what sets super soil apart from other growing mediums? Why would any grower choose to make their super soil recipe instead of buying the tried and tested fertilizer to feed to their plants? There are a lot of reasons why growers should be keener on preparing their super soil recipe. Apart from being fully organic, the soil produced by this recipe provides the same environment or condition to the roots of cannabis plants that are grown in the wild.

When you use super soil, all you need to do is to water your plants and monitor their growth. No need for complicated procedures regarding fertilizers or the need to manage the pH level of your soil. Many other factors need to be taken care of, but with the help of super soil, you can easily grow them without having to worry about any of those factors. This ultimately makes it a lot easier and more convenient for new growers who want to try out cannabis cultivation. Seasoned growers who want to have fewer complications will find using super soil to be very effective and time-efficient to use.

The Pros and Cons of Using Super Soil

As with any other products used, there will always be pros and cons, especially when using super soil. However, using super soil, there are more pros than usual against the cons.

  • The first advantage of using super soil is its versatility. Organic super soil can be used to grow cannabis plants, whether they are grown indoors or outdoors. Some can even plant them on pots or small containers. When it comes to outdoor cultivation, you will surely need organic soil for the plants to thrive. Indoor growth will have to be isolated to pots, and this is where super soil is at its best. You won’t have to change the soil now and then as it is already complete with all the nutritional needs of the plant.
  • Growers who use super soil tend to have plants with better flavor and aroma. This is due to the organic nutrients found in the soil that provide sustenance to the plants, thus helping them produce more compounds for a stronger flavor and aroma.
  • Super soil is all organic and natural. It is made of organic ingredients that allow for a more natural break down of the nutrients, unlike artificial or synthetic ingredients. It mimics the best and the richest soil that is found on earth, thus allowing the plants to thrive in this type of environment.
  • Since super soil uses organic materials, growers won’t need to flush the soil from other harmful substances such as chemical salts. There is no need for flushing at all at any point in the life cycle of the plant.
  • Convenience is the key when using super soil. Since super soil has all the nutrients you need for the plants to grow properly, you won’t have to invest more money for any other product or put in extra effort to maintain the integrity and quality of the soil being used.

While there are many advantages to using super soil, it can also have downsides. Using super soil can be quite expensive since you will need to compost a lot of soil all at the same time. This can also mean that it can be very tiring for the one doing all the work. Super soil will need time to prepare, and it can be quite bothersome. Planning is key to making sure that you are at the perfect timing in using super soil. Plan at least 30 to 60 days ahead when you want to make your super soil.

Making Your Own Super Soil Recipe

Making your super soil takes a lot of time and effort. It will be very rewarding for you to make your super soil recipe. To start, you will need to gather the following items:

  • Very large mixing container
  • Rake
  • Trash cans
  • Organic soil
  • Light mix soil
  • Earthworm castings
  • Fishbone meal
  • Blood meal
  • Bat guano
  • Dolomite lime
  • Epsom salts
  • Azomite

While some might suggest that you mix them all in one go, doing so is not recommended as it will not allow all of the ingredients to blend well together. It is best to layer the mixture to provide an equal result.

  1. Add two-thirds of the organic soil into the large mixing container first. Mix the fishbone meal and add half of the light mix soil immediately. This way, you will not have to deal with the smell of the fishbone meal as it is quite pungent.
  2. Combine the items using the rake.
  3. Once it is thoroughly mixed, add dolomite lime at the topmost layer of the mixture and sprinkle the azomite on top of it. Add the rest of the light mix soil and then half of the earthworm castings. This should create another layer. Place the rest of the organic soil on top of the mixture and use the rake to blend them all.
  4. Make sure to fold in the layers to mix them well. Add the rest of the earthworm castings, blood meal, bat guano, and Epsom salts.
  5. Use the rake to mix it one more time. The process of making super soil does not end here, though. You will need to do a week’s worth of mixing of the ingredients until it is thoroughly blended and for the ingredients to sit well. The mixture should have a brownish color by this time.
  6. Transfer the soil into the trash cans. Add water into the mixture just to keep the soil moist and avoid drying up the soil. Cover the trash cans properly to prevent bugs and other insects from infiltrating the soil.
  7. Place the trash cans in a warm sunny spot for the next 30 to 60 days and provide water from time to time to make sure that the soil remains moist all the time. The moisture will enhance the quality of the soil as it allows healthy microorganisms to thrive at this point. With the help of the heat and humidity, it should allow the mixture to break down all the nutrients.
  8. Before using the super soil, mix it thoroughly one last time, and you should be able to smell its pungent earthy aroma. You can now use the super soil as a growing medium for your cannabis plants.

Do note that when you plan on using super soil for your cannabis plants, you will need to avoid using it for seeds and seedlings. The super soil is rich in nutrients that mature cannabis plants need, and these young plants will only suffer from oversaturation if you expose them to such a very high-density environment. 

Germinate your seeds first and let them grow into mature plants before transferring them to the super soil, especially around the time they hit the vegetative phase.


Many growers would want to know how to become a successful cannabis cultivator. But the secret is very simple; having your super soil recipe and making it on your own is key to providing nutrients to healthy cannabis plants. And in return, provide you with very high-quality buds.


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