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Stoner Questions You Probably Want to Answer | Crop King Seeds

Stoner Questions You Probably Want to Answer

When you get high, the person gets into the realm of introspective thoughts. It is time that you feel like you can deal with millions of things. There are stoner questions that can ignite your philosophical perception. Your brain cells will be able to function well and take challenges.

List of Stoner Questions

  1. Why is it that a fine is like a tax for committing a crime and on the other hand, why is the tax a fine for doing good?

You may evaluate first why tax and fine are involved in the drift of society. What if they don’t exist? Does the economy have strength like what it has right now? The question asked is followed by several follow up questions.

If there’s a monetary system in our society, can we have things for free? The idea of having weed for free is quite marvelous. You may be happy with the thought but there are more important things like selflessness which eradicates greed and avarice.

  1. What Do Dogs and Cats Think? It’s when you’re curious about the intelligence, comprehension, and understanding of those cute pets.

Your perspective towards them may change as you comprehend that they can be as intelligent as humans. They’re also winners when it comes to emotional intelligence as they always provide comfort during the times that you’re vulnerable.

  1. How Do Other People See Colors? Do They See it the Same Way as I Do?

When you see navy blue, you wonder if it appears darker or lighter to the vision of your best friend. It’s a mind-boggling question due to the uncertainty. You cannot see the linear perspective of the other person but everyone clings to the same description.

  1. What if Your Life is Being Intervened by Aliens or Higher Being?

Your thoughts are affected by what you see on TV or movies. As a person, you have some experience that would support how humans are strange and complicated at times. We all know we have our own free will but you can’t avoid thinking that we act like we do because of the intervention from beings from another planet or the higher being called God.

The answer to this inquiry is the time that we think we don’t have control over our actions. The obvious complexity can be charged to the way advanced aliens who are galaxies apart from us. They may think of humans as primitive and way too slow of progressing.

  1. What Language Do Deaf and Blind People See and Hear?

The curiosity builds up when you see them but you don’t want to be in the same shoes as them. They learn a different way of communication and you can’t imagine how they can do such a thing. Many of them are happy and even enjoy their lives. It seems that a human brain is so incredible that it can adapt to things outside of the norm.

  1. What if Marijuana is Legal Around the World?

This thought would surely heighten our high as a surge of excitement. Would it end or hinder any possible war? People will be less prejudiced and no longer traditional.

You may picture in your mind that while you’re doing the shopping, you’re also adding some of your favorite weed to your cart. It’s being done tangibly, not online. All ages indulge in marijuana consumption.

Would these scenarios lead to the development or downfall of the world economy? Medical discovery of marijuana health benefits maybe everywhere.

  1. What if Revolutionary Scientists in the Past Were High While on the Process of Discovering Things That We Enjoy Today?

Marijuana boosts creativity and makes you think of new ideas as you tend to be more open to many things when you’re high. Possibilities and opportunities seem not to run out. It would be a great help for many scientists in the past even though they’ve already done a good job.

Isaac Newton discovered gravity but he may have known the depth of one’s soul. Nicholas Copernicus may feel like he got to travel around the solar system. Benjamin Franklin may compare electricity to the weight of weed in a person’s body. However, you may now be thinking that the likes of Shakespeare, Oliver Stone, Maya Angelou, and Bill Gates may be under the influence of weed when they’re on their creative conquest. How awesome their works are and it’s the outcome when your creativity is enhanced by weed.

  1. How Many People Have Passed on the Same Sidewalk I Tread on Every Single Day?

It’s a funny thought but if you know the numbers, it drops your jaws. But it would be a wonderful discovery if there’s a person who took the same steps as yours. It’s probably your soulmate, what do you reckon?

  1. What if There’s Another Parallel Dimension?

It’s an exciting thought that there’s a parallel dimension where the things that didn’t occur on Earth will happen there. It’s not the result of watching too many related movies that promote a parallel dimension. But being high, you will always be open to possibilities.

You are maybe open to the possibility that you take a different path in another dimension. A different career could have made a difference or marrying a different person gave you a different lifestyle or fortune. Who knows? You may need some clues.

  1. Who Did Someone Discovered That Eggs are Edible?

This query would make you wonder about the person who discovered eggs as food. Why did he pick it up then ate or cooked it? It may have occurred that when he cracked it open, the inside spilled. He thought it was hard.

An egg is a staple food in every corner of the world. It’s a common food for everyone so you may have questions about it.

  1. How Did Someone Discover the Precious Weed?

Whoever did it, you adore the person for sure. There’s no definite claim whether it’s a man or a woman. But the oldest record of this plant dated back to 2727 B.C. from the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung. It would be a wonderful sight to see that the person is all high and gleeful.

  1. Can I Tell if I See The Same Wild Bird?

You may have wondered near your window while you were high. Then you saw a wild bird in an attractive blue shade. Seeing it for the second or third time makes you want to know if it’s the same bird or not. Does it show up every time you’re in euphoria as it wants to fly and get high with you?


Weed makes you more open to new things and possibilities. So these stoner questions would create another way of getting high. You will love how your brain cells are active.


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