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Sticky Weed: Is This a Good Sign? | Crop King Seeds

Sticky Weed: Is This a Good Sign?

Sticky Weed: Is This a Good Sign?

Have you ever heard about someone bragging about how delicious sticky weed is? Sticky weed is good weed. The stickiness is the most part of the weed, and it’s the best part too. You see, when marijuana is sticky, it means that the stuff has high amounts of resin.

Resin is what makes weed sticky, and resin comes from the trichomes, miniature crystal structures that have high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids. A higher cannabinoid profile helps you get the best experience from the entourage effect. This is when all the compounds in weed work together compared to only one cannabinoid’s effects.

What is sticky weed made up of?

Sticky weed is from resin, which is produced by trichomes. Resin and trichomes work together; the trichomes are also known as resin glands of a marijuana plant. Trichomes are minute glass mushroom-like structures that are found all over the plants. These delicate structures have fluid in it. This fluid is clear, but it turns cloudy and amber when the buds are ready for harvest. 

A lot of growers harvest buds and plant parts when the resin in the trichomes are halfway the top and the bottom part of the trichome. To monitor the color and the transparency of trichomes, you need a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe. 

Some people with sharp eyesight can easily see trichomes and refer to these as mini crystals. If you’re looking at growing sticky weed, your buds should be covered entirely with trichomes to produce the best effects. 

Almost all trichome-rich buds or sticky weed are great-tasting, and many say that it’s better than dry weed. But if you have had the chance to sample different kinds and strains of weed, you will notice that not all sticky weed is good. If weed is dry, then it may not have enough cannabinoid profile to give you the best results. The high will surely be short-lived as well. 

Dry bud or sticky bud?

Dry buds and sticky buds can give you a fantastic high; however, sticky buds are known for their impressive quality. Meanwhile, dry buds can give you more nugs, which can produce a nice high. Also, dry buds are less expensive than sticky buds.

Dry buds are perfect for making edibles as it’s easier to grind dry buds than wet ones. Another good thing about dry buds is these can carry a fantastic flavor profile and will burn hotter and faster than moist and sticky weed. And when dry weed is crumpled, the small bits will eventually break up and float away in the air. 

Meanwhile, try to break sticky weed using your hand, and you’ll feel as if you have thick glue all over your hands and fingertips. The buds will not break and will just turn into lumps. Also, when buds are broken into piles, these piles may move together as if these are alive! This happens because the trichomes inside the buds are just starting to settle down. 

To recap: 

  • Sticky weed has the best quality.
  • Sticky weed contains higher amounts of THC. 
  • Sticky weed burns longer.
  • Sticky weed is best for making concentrates.
  • Dry weed burns faster.
  • Dry weed has better flavor profiles.
  • Dry weed is best for making edibles.

The best marijuana strains for sticky weed

Now that you know what sticky weed is and what makes sticky weed better than dry weed let’s check out the best cannabis strains known for their sticky weed. 

1. Afgooey

Afgooey is the king of sticky weed. It’s the product of two equally gooey strains: Maui Haze and Afghan. This is an indica-dominant strain that will not just stick to your hands but will also cement its smell to your nostrils. You’ll love the citrus and tropical flavors that will linger for a long time. 

Afgooey has very powerful cerebral effects combined with psychedelic highs. People who want to stay active and creative will love the effect of this indica-hybrid as it will make you relaxed, happy, and creative. Afgooey offers long-lasting effects, which is one of the reasons why many love this strain. 

If you plan to grow Afgooey, you will love this strain as it’s easy to grow. It responds well with the SOG or the screen of the green method as it grows multiple bud sites producing resin-covered buds.

2. Exodus Cheese

Exodus Cheese is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid cannabis strain. This strain was first seen in Great Britain back in 1995 in a community named Exodus. It is also called UK Cheese and is very popular for its very strong smell that’s quite similar to cheese.

Exodus Cheese has high THC amounts thanks to its thick coating of resin. This makes this strain perfect for creating THC concentrates as well as other marijuana products. This balanced hybrid can trigger very relaxing body effects making it effective for the relief of pain, especially chronic pain. It is also a good strain that can boost your mood, enhance your mind, and can promote laughter. In moderate doses, Exodus Cheese can make you feel relaxed and happy, but it can also lead to a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. 

Exodus Cheese has earthy, lemony, and cheesy flavors, and aside from pain, it is also useful for the relief of inflammation, stress, and fatigue. 

3. Flo

Flo is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s popular for its very high THC at 23.50%. Because of its towering THC, it is not for the faint-hearted and people new to cannabis. Flo can give you severe euphoric highs that will boost your energy and fuel creativity. This hybrid also comes with a very strong and lasting body high.

And because of its many impressive effects, it is also known for its medicinal effects. Flo can relieve all kinds of pain, including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and digestive pains. Flo is also useful for enhancing mood, improve appetite, and stop stress. 

Flo’s impressive sticky characteristics were taken from its very sticky parents: Highland Thai, Afghani Skunk, and Purple Thai. You will also love its satisfying flavors like lime, lemon, and earthy flavors.  

4. Gorilla Glue 

Gorilla Glue is a balanced indica-sativa cannabis strain that’s very sticky. It’s so sticky that it will stick to your tongue and roof of your mouth after you take your dose. It has a very powerful, potent aroma with a slight sweetness and sourness. Overall, you’ll get a  sweet mocha taste and flavor with a chemical diesel overtone. 

Gorilla Glue offers a very delirious high thanks to its very steep THC at 25.50%. After taking your first puff of this super sticky strain, you will feel as if your head is full of glue. And because of this, you will get relief from different kinds of ailments, including chronic pains, depression, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and nausea. 

Gorilla Glue is super sticky as it takes from its parent strains a Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem Sis strains. It boasts amazing diesel flavors. 

5. ICE

ICE is another balanced cannabis strain that’s also popular for being the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards in 1998. You will love this sticky strain’s lasting and strong effects. It can cause severe sedation and laziness. The name ICE was derived from its lovely appearance. The entire bud will be coated with resin, just proof that it’s very sticky and gooey. 

ICE offers you cerebral euphoria. Many users prefer to use it during the evenings for its relaxing, sleepy, and recreational effects. It can improve mood, enhance your energy, and creativity plus will also help treat different medical conditions, including stress, pain, muscle spasms, fatigue, and chronic pains. ICE is also very refreshing with a lemon and pine scent but with a tinge of skunk in between. 

6. Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Combine Lemon Skunk and the powerful Amnesia Haze, and you’ll get Lemon Shining Silver Haze. It is a super sticky strain that has stimulating lemon flavors and sweet aromas. This strain is very potent sativa with up to 21% THC, which is why it’s very stimulating, can start your creative flow, and will also induce euphoria. 

If you wish to grow Lemon Shiny Silver Haze, you’ll love its very short flowering time at just 8 weeks. The buds produced are very sticky, sometimes causing cutting shears to get stuck. Overall, this is an extra-special sticky strain to consider for your next toke. 

7. White Widow

White Widow is a legendary sativa-dominant strain first seen in the Netherlands in the 1990s. It grows very potent conical buds, all covered with delicious resin. White Widow has a very smooth taste that will never irritate your throat. It has a fantastic combination of lemon, pepper, and spicy flavors, sure to get you hooked. 

White Widow’s effects can last for many hours. It will put you to sleep and induce a very powerful cerebral buzz. You will laugh and smile, making this the perfect strain for social interactions. White Widow is the product of a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica. 

There you have it, the seven stickiest weed in the land. So the next time you feel the need to toke, trust only potent, delicious and satisfying sticky weed. This is definitely superior to dry weed.


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