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Basic Information on Marijuana Seeds Guerilla Growing | Crop King Seeds

Some Basic Information on Marijuana Seeds Guerilla Growing

As a grower for Marijuana either for medicinal purposes or for smoke, there are truly a lot of obstacles that you might be facing along the way. First, you might not have that special space in your homes for cultivation of these medicinal herbs. Second, you might not want your neighbors to know that you are growing them. Third, you might not have that much luxury of time and even money to grow them. Well, worry less. There is one method you can actually do in order to still be able to produce those medicinal herbs that are just so helpful to you.

What is Guerilla growing?

When you would hear the word guerilla, what probably comes directly into your minds is something hidden or secret. Indeed, Guerilla growing is somewhat similar to that. Unlike any other type of growing, guerilla growing of Marijuana plants is hidden from the public. It might not necessarily be just keep in your own homes but with guerilla growing of Marijuana, you can make use wild places and even forests to do so.

What are the advantages of guerilla growing?

Guerilla growing is just as advantageous as the normal methods because it will give you the possibility of being able to enjoy the natural outdoor environment. This kind of growing is a lot cheaper than the indoor and other methods. Third, no one would actually know you are cultivating such kind of weed.

Why are auto flowering cannabis perfect for guerilla growing?

Auto flowering Marijuana seeds are perfect for guerilla growing because they are smaller plants. With this, they don’t need much water in order to be able to grow them. Second, they are not that visible because of their size. They actually mature through time without having to constantly check it from time to time.


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