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What Smoking Weed Every Day Does to You | Crop King Seeds

What Smoking Weed Every Day Does to You?

With the continuous progression of marijuana’s legalization across the globe, it’s easier to get ahold of weed these days. They come at affordable prices as compared to other drugs. Besides, these are natural psychoactive ones. With the accessibility, marijuana can offer, no wonder why people consume weed daily. Aren’t they aware of what it can do to the body? You see, there are a lot of reasons why smoking weed every day is an option among people. Most of them are benefitting from the good it can do rather than experiencing the drawbacks.

Being aware is one of the requirements on how to be a responsible marijuana consumer. With the power that comes alongside information, it wouldn’t take much time to read. One of the most frequently asked questions in cannabis communities is what smoking weed every day does to the body. This article will help you understand the common causes and the drawbacks of consuming weed daily. Knowledge is power, isn’t it? We want to give you the power to know to weigh in the factors whether or not you should smoke weed daily. 

7 Common Reasons Why People Smoke Weed Everyday

What makes people seek for weed daily? With all honesty, how can you not be lured with all the benefits marijuana can offer? Consider weed as a one-stop-shop that will cater to different pain and stress-related symptoms. Its power can also be considered as its greatest weakness when consumption is not managed. To understand the people who smoke weed daily, below is a list of the common reasons why their day would not be complete without a joint of weed. 

Seek Comfort and Relaxation 

Most people who can’t last a day without smoking weed are those who are seeking for comfort and relaxation. With the ability of marijuana to relieve the stress and tension, smoking a joint after a long day at work or in school would help manage one’s stress levels. Marijuana helps in putting your mind and body in total relaxation temporarily. It can trick your mind in feeling free from stress. 

Have Fun 

Whether if you’re smoking weed alone or with a group of friends, marijuana sure does make the moment fun and exciting. You laugh unexpectedly even though there’s nothing funny to laugh about. You seem to be such in a good mood even though it was a rough patch for the past few days. All the happy thoughts marijuana bring is one of the reasons why they smoke weed every day. More than just having fun, it also helps in improving one’s social interaction skills which is beneficial to consumers who have social anxiety or simply being nervous around people. 

Sleep Peacefully 

Yet another effect of marijuana is sedation. Indica-dominant strains are known for their couch-lock and sedating properties that relieve the nerves from the tension that makes it easier to fall asleep. This is preferable, especially to people who are suffering from insomnia or even the ones who want to restore their normal sleeping schedule. In just a few puffs, the body will be in total relaxation to the point that you will fall asleep eventually. This is one of the reasons why it is highly suggested to be well-acquainted with the properties of a marijuana strain before consumption. 

Improve the Appetite 

Marijuana can heighten one’s sense of smell and taste. This effect is beneficial if you’re having some trouble eating or bluntly getting weight. Every after consumption, you will feel as if you’re craving for something sweet or savory to satisfy not your hunger but your cravings. This is perfect for consumers who don’t have an appetite for whatever food is served or those who are picky eaters. Improvement in appetite is one of the common reasons why marijuana is suggested to patients who are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. The feeling of fatigue and weakness of the body as caused by the therapies reacts negatively to the point of appetite deprivation. 

Increase in Self-Confidence 

Regardless of the risks of smoking weed, every day can do, most people do it to increase their self-confidence. We all know how social gatherings can be awkward, at some point. Even if it is for work, with friends, or with family, some people feel socially awkward around large crowds. They feel anxious about being around both people they know and they don’t know. This often results in sitting awkwardly on the couch in the middle of a crowd’s conversation. A few puffs of weed can do the trick in giving you the ability to talk confidently in crowds as if it is your dose of self-confidence. 

Alleviate Pain 

Marijuana is composed of cannabinoid compounds that help in alleviating pain. Whether if it is a minor or major type of physical pain, a few puffs would do the magic in relieving the body from pain. This works well for people who are experiencing chronic pain symptoms that affect their performance at work or in school. Its ability to alleviate pain correlates how marijuana induces relaxing and sedating properties that put the body at ease. It serves well in managing headaches, toothaches, migraines, joint pains, eye strain, and other pain-related symptoms that are often caused by stress and restlessness. 

Uplift the Mood 

Marijuana is considered to be one of the most effective alternatives to antidepressant medications. It helps in managing the hormonal imbalances in the brain that causes depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mood-related disorder. If you’re experiencing recurring manic episodes that negatively affects your mood, smoking weed can do the trick. In managed doses, marijuana will help in neutralizing your mood and improving your performance with daily activities and errands. 

7 Drawbacks of Daily Marijuana Consumption 

As much as you can enjoy the benefits of consuming marijuana daily, remind yourself about the drawbacks accustomed to it. Not because there are a lot of effects of marijuana that you can benefit from doesn’t mean you need to overdo the consumption. Allow us to help you understand the disadvantages of daily marijuana consumption. This will serve as a warning to you if you’re planning to consume marijuana daily. Check out the list below on the effects that you should be aware of. 

Affects Short-term and Verbal Memory 

Are you starting to forget things that you listed? Do you forget details when they were just said to you? The thing about smoking weed every day increases the chances of experiencing poor verbal memory as soon as they reach their middle adulthood years. More than just the short-term memory, it can also have a little impact on the long-term memory of a person. Based on the research they have conducted, the more marijuana smoked, the bigger the change in results on memory tests. 

Leads to Dependency and Addiction 

Even when you start consuming marijuana in small doses, as time goes by, your body will require higher doses to sustain the high properties that you prefer. On average, most of the people who experience dependency and addiction to marijuana are those who smoke weed daily. Marijuana helps in preventing addiction to drugs and other vices. The counterpart of consuming them is getting hooked to the effects it can provide that your system can no longer stand a day without it. 

Increases Risk of Heart Problems

One of the cannabinoid compounds that can be found in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. When marijuana is consumed, from the lungs, it is transported to the bloodstream circulated throughout the body. When consumed daily, the effect of marijuana on the heart worsens. This will increase your heart rate of up to 50 beats per minute added to your average heart rate. The faster the heartbeat the more chances of experiencing a heart attack. As you can remember, one of the effects of smoking weed is causing your eyes to turn red. This is caused by how the blood vessels expand. When occasionally consumed, the THC content of marijuana can help in relieving the common symptoms of eye strain and glaucoma even for a few hours. 

Issues with Reproduction 

Isn’t it weird that smoking weed can boost one’s sex drive but it can also raise issues with reproduction? Daily consumption of marijuana can prevent a happily married couple or just a romantic partner from acquiring a child. There is a possibility of having the male’s testosterone levels reduced lowering the sperm count that results in infertility. For pregnant women, when the smoke of marijuana is inhaled, it can progress to lower birth weight because of the carbon monoxide found in the smoke. 

Negatively Affects the Mental Health 

As much as marijuana helps in relieving different stress and mood-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, mood fluctuations, and even bipolar disorder, it can also contribute to the progression of hallucination, paranoia, and increased anxiety. When marijuana is consumed daily, the drawbacks are harsh on the central nervous system that it can affect the way you think and perform. 

Distorts Your Thinking 

When marijuana is smoked daily, it can lead to distortion in thinking. The effects vary depending on factors such as the potency of the weed, means of consumption, as well as your consumption patterns. As it helps in heightening your senses, everything around you will seem to be brighter and louder than usual. Also, you no longer have a sense of day and time. With the growing demand of your body for marijuana, it will gradually ruin your motor skills too. 

Vulnerable Immune System 

According to recent studies and experiments, marijuana induces adverse effects on the immune system. If you’re a daily consumer, you would experience the changes as soon as the month’s time. As your immune system gets weaker, you tend to be more vulnerable to communicable and non-communicable diseases that will eventually weaken your body. Before deciding to consume marijuana daily, conduct research on the possible drawbacks it is accustomed to. Besides, even with all the advantages, the disadvantages will remain to outweigh them. 


What’s not to love about marijuana, right? It caters to everyone’s medical and recreational needs. This allows you to get high without consuming laboratory-formulated drugs that are illegal and can lead to drug addiction and dependency. As much as we want to experience all the benefits marijuana can offer, there is a fine line that is a sign to stop or to take a break. We all know how much it can help in managing the common symptoms the body is experiencing, it promotes our self-confidence and puts us to a good night’s sleep. Don’t wait for the day that marijuana will no longer work for you the way it used to. 


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