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10 Best Sativa Strains Perfect for Hardcore Stoners | Crop King Seeds

10 Best Sativa Strains Perfect for Hardcore Stoners

Each day, there are newly designed, and breeds of cannabis are created to keep up to the demands of many sophisticated cannabis consumers and connoisseurs that will persuade their desires and valuable to their health as well. 

With this, sativa strains are one of the most popular and in demand, mental energizing cannabis that goes on to emerge in the most demanding world of the cannabis market. It continues to bear up the newest and developing lifestyle of multiple consumers that are ideal for any occasion and even at the most active working days or relaxing nights of their lives. 

Due to the hundreds of sativa strains in the market today, choosing the right one can be a really complicated responsibility to do, especially for those looking for excellent sativa strains for their hardcore preference. Hence, here’s the list of the best sativa strains you could ever find in the world market today. We likewise included the promising potentials of every strain that will encourage you to make an effort for a puff. 

10 Best Sativa Strains for Hardcore Stoners

1. Sour Diesel

Also known as Sour D, this is an extremely known sativa strain on the planet. Even newbies to the scene have heard or encountered one of this strain in their lives. It possesses distinct characteristics that stand out from everyone due to its defined flowers that are loaded of aroma resembling fuel and chemical combined.

A significant distinction of its sour and citrusy flavors and tastes, this sativa strain is also known for. It is combined with some earthy and piney terpenes that make the effects more tempting and indulging in the body and mind.

Loaded with a THC level of around 20% to 25%, this strain is one of the most prominent sativa strains die to the authentic sativa-like high it bestows, which starts with subtle relaxation of the body and erupting to sativa cognitive impact. With this, it has able to attain its reputation and continue to be an indestructible strain of all time. Sour Diesel has been in the marketplace for so many years and approximately around the 1990s, where it all began.

If you are looking for hardcore experience, you cannot go wrong with the classic and pioneering sativa strain. 

2. Tijuana

From the amazing place, Mexico, the Tijuana strain is a hardcore sativa strain that is packed with sweet, earthy, and citrus scents. Resulted from the crossbreeding of the Original Haze strain and Kali Mist strain, their offspring is a great balance of characteristics from its parents and possess a beginner-friendly growing capacity.

A perfect sativa strain for either day or night usage, the strength of the Tijuana strain can reach up to 22% of THC level. It is not surprising that among sativa strains, Tijuana can provide a euphoric reaction that rushes through the brain and promotes the sharpening of the mind focus. It could likewise make the body feel blissful and relax, especially when going through rough tension and stress. This is the strain for people looking for hardcore experience and gradually soothing as it fades out.

Apart from its promising recreational opportunities, this sativa strain is also favorable medicinal reasons due to its amazing capabilities for the treatment of migraine, headaches, and other chronic body pains. Also, it is recommended for alternative treatment for depressive symptoms and anxiousness. It is such a promising strain of cannabis for those striving some adventurous moment of their existence. 

3. Tutankhamon

For consumers looking hardcore sativa strains, this is one of the sativa strains that have a potency that they dreamed of. Packed with outstanding levels of THC ranging from 16% to 29%, the Tutankhamon is a power combined with significant punches of high.

The fruity punch of the strain gives an intense appealing effect on the brain and provides a wonderful smile and giggles. A direct descendant of AK47, this successful offspring from Pyramid Seeds has amazing flavors of fruit and savory. It possesses an amazing aroma of skunk that you should not skip.

This strain is extremely appealing for people looking for some extreme experience in the cerebral. It activates all your sensory and delivers outstanding euphoria, satisfying every craving of consumers. 

4. Bruce Banner

Among all sativa strains, the Bruce Banner is the superhero strain of the cannabis that will soar you high into the clouds with a whopping level of THC up to 29%. It won’t be a delight and relaxing experience for this powerful sativa as it delivers extreme euphoric experience combined with the energetic amusement of authentic sativa. Thanks to its genetic characteristics from its mother strain,  Strawberry Diesel, and father strain, OG Kush.

Surely, the hardcore cannabis enthusiast will experience a cognitive and physical high that improves the needy and creativity tremendously for a length of time. It is recommended for everyone who wants to build up amazing ideas needed.

Apart from hardcore enthusiasts, the strain is also widely used by medical users that are seeking treatment in insomnia, anxiety, or depression. With its aromatic terpenes that radiate pungently and citrus combination, it will lead you to a serious journey of your life. 

5. Y Griega

From the name of this strain, it is the Spanish language that delivers a unique kind of high. Surely it will drive hardcore cannabis users will soar high in exhilaration. With a 28% level of THC, this sativa strain stands out among sativa strains in the current state. It offers energetic feelings that reach to the ceiling.

It may give you a tricky experience because it starts with a mellow high and gradually will begin to transition to an energetic slam that whacks your body. We owe this impact on its genetic characteristics of the Kali Mist strain and Amnesia Haze. There is a touch of herb tone when exhaled and a sweet taste of earthy and lemon when ingested.

You may get blinded with its terpene profile, but this sativa is not for people with low tolerance. The psychoactive capacity this strain has will amplify all the senses that only hardcore users can keep up. 

6. Durban

The Durban sativa is the most tempting of all sativa strains of all. It has sweet and earthy terpenes that seduce you into believing that has mellow effects, but actually, it contains 22% of THC that soars you high up and elevates the wild version of yourself.

A powerful cognitive high and euphoria mixed will immediately reach your whole body, something that fainted heart cannot keep up. On top of this, Durban strain is an amazing medical tool for relieving pain and a good alternative for disorders like depression and anxiety. 

7. LSD

Warning to fainted heart people, this is not your ordinary sativa strains because it can put anyone in a delusional high and soaring happiness. The exquisitely high THC level of 24% will give you psychoactive effects in an abrupt manner that hardcore users will surely adore.

With aromatic characteristics filled with a seductive skunk, thanks to its mother strain, Mazar, and father strain, Skunk #1. Apart from that, it encompasses anti-inflammatory compounds that are beneficial for any type of health condition. It is easy to say that LSD strain is not just for hardcore use, but it’s medicinally beneficial too. 

8. White Widow

A crossbreeding between the sativa landrace of South India and indica of Brazil landrace and produced an offspring that has been known for many decades already. Compared to other sativa strains, the White Widow is in a legendary classification that has built an established reputation of itself because of its amazing set of psychoactive impacts. The energizing potency of this strain is beloved by many hardcore cannabis users and top of their choices of sativa. Even for so many years, White Widow remains to be on top class due to its never-failing capabilities in terms of effects and terpenes.

With 20% composition of THC, the White Widow has been evolving, and phenotypes have been popping out everywhere containing even higher THC than usual. The name of White Widow associates to its white part of the plant that is filled with trichomes that are responsible for the strength of this strain. 

9. Jack Herer

These sativa strains from the seed bank Sensi Seeds was developed around the 1980s and have become popular since then. The name Jack Herer was inspired by a long time activist of cannabis and written a book that became influential around the world and began to promote the legalization of cannabis.

This sativa has approximately 15% to 24% of THC level and promises to provide energy and amazing cerebral high. This should not be used as an experimental strain for beginners because it will take a hardcore cannabis user to fully take on the effects and consequences of its psychoactive compounds. The mixture of indica makes the strain more favorable for users, as it gives a decent variety of influences.

It has passed on its amazing characteristics and been used as a breeding strain to renowned strains of today, including Jack Skellington and Jack the Ripper. 

10. Green Crack

A sativa strain, Green Crack used to be remembered as Cush strain but later renamed by Snoop Dogg, a celebrity and cannabis connoisseur after he was amazed by the intense effects of this sativa compared to other sativa strains. It was developed around the 1970s and a direct offspring of legendary cannabis, Skunk #1. It is believed that it likewise composed some genetics from Afghani landrace, which makes it ideal for daily usage.

An amazing THC level of 16%, the Green Crack cannabis guarantees to provide soaring uplifting feelings and potentially lead to trippy experience. The powerful high will leave feeling on top of cloud nine for a lengthy period. Above all, it delivers magnificent fruity and sweet aroma and flavors, which hardcore users will regret not to try. 


Indeed, there is no doubt that sativa cannabis dominates the supremacy of cannabis in terms of popularity and strength. The effects it can give are usually what hardcore cannabis users are admiring and seeking for. Feelings of euphoria and happiness are just a few of the reasons why people love sativa strains.


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