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Rosin: What are Its Uses and How is it Made? | Crop King Seeds

Rosin: What Are Its Uses and How is it Made?

Rosin: What Are Its Uses and How is it Made?

In the search for the best and most potent form of a cannabis extract, many people have tried to scour the globe to find one. What they did not know is that such cannabis concentrate is found right in our backyard. Rosin is a very potent cannabis concentrate that can reach as high as 80%. While most people tend to enjoy dabbing or vaping different kinds of cannabis concentrate, the use of rosin is regarded as one of the best due to its potency and versatility.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is lauded for its high potency level. It gained notoriety in 2015 when people began to find different ways to produce a myriad of cannabis concentrates. One of the many reasons why people prefer rosin than any other concentrates is that it is made through a clean process. Unlike other concentrates that use harmful chemicals such as butane, rosin is made through the use of potent cannabis and the application of heat and pressure.

This resulted in a very potent concentrate that can be used in a wide variety of ways. The end product is a thick and sticky extract made of almost pure cannabinoids and terpenes. You can smell the aroma of cannabis and taste the delicious flavors of the strain with rosin.

Uses of Rosin

Due to its thick and sticky consistency, rosin can be used in many different ways. Its versatility is unrivaled and has a lot of uses in the cannabis community.

1. Making edibles

Rosin is commonly used as an ingredient for making edibles. Gone are the days where you toil yourself from making cannabis butter for several hours. You can immediately use rosin and mix it with the rest of the ingredients to make cannabis edibles. Infuse it directly in a bottle of oil, and you can have your stock of cannabis oil. You can even try and infuse rosin together with tea. Since rosin is a concentrated extract, you won’t have to deal with any plant material getting mixed with your food.

2. Dabbing

Rosin is a great reason for you to start dabbing. Dabbing brings out the flavors and aroma of rosin. The best way to enjoy dabbing with rosin is to choose your favorite strain of cannabis and extract it to make rosin. Since rosin is already high in cannabinoid and terpene content, you are assured that all the flavors are in full effect, making it an enjoyable experience. For an optimized experience with cannabis, dabbing rosin should be your ultimate choice.

3. Vaping

Rosin can also be used with vaping. Just make sure that your vaporizer is compatible with cannabis concentrate use to avoid damage. Rosin’s sticky consistency can be very difficult to clean if your vaporizer is not compatible as well. To use rosin, simply load up the rosin just like any other e-juice that you use for your vaporizer and vape away. If you want to make your brand of rosin for your vaporizer, you can always choose your preferred cannabis strain and flavor and start using it with your vaporizer.

4. Use It With a Bong

If you are into using bongs, rosin can also be added to the bowl. Simply place the rosin on top of the ground cannabis in the bowl of your bong and light it up. The rosin will slowly melt into a sticky, oily substance that will cover the bowl, and you can start inhaling the smoke that comes out. When adding rosin on top of your chosen buds, make sure to prepare yourself for the out worldly high that you will experience. The potency is exponentially multiplied when you use rosin together with your usual marijuana buds when using a bong.

5. Roll It In A Blunt

Rosin’s sticky consistency can be used together with your usual bud and roll it into a blunt or joint. Spread the rosin evenly across and make sure that sticks well with the buds. Aside from rolling it into a joint, you can also add rosin to your tobacco-based product for that extra flavor.

How To Make Rosin

Making rosin is easy to do and can be done within your home using a hair straightener. While the use of hair straighteners might be an amusing way for some, it is one of the most effective ways of making rosin. Before you make one, you will need to consider first the amount of rosin you want to make and the type of hair straightener that you want to use.

Always prefer to use the strain with high potency and flavor profile. You also need to consider the number of buds to use so you can make a lot of rosin in one go. A hair straightener that has a digital display will help you achieve the best quality of rosin as you will need to monitor the temperature when making one.

1. Preheat the hair straightener to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Ground-up the buds and place them in parchment paper.

3. Put on some safety gloves to avoid burning yourself.

4. Place the parchment paper over the hair straightener and press it tightly. The harder you press, the more extract it produces.

5. Hold the straightener for around 10 seconds until you start to hear a sizzling sound. The result will depend on the type of strain you use and the freshness of the buds as well. Test out a few buds first and see if it produces the same quality for the amount of time you pressed with the use of a hair straightener.

6. Remove the buds from the parchment paper and check the oil. Try to fold the buds over each other and press again. It is best to press it multiple times until the oil begins to cover the parchment paper.

7. Once you reach the desired amount, use a dabber to collect the oil from the parchment paper, and the result is your homemade rosin.


There’s nothing much to complain about making rosin or using it. It is one of the safest and easiest ways to enjoy cannabis and offers more benefits such as high potency and flavor than many other cannabis concentrates.



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