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Rockstar Weed: Information and Growing Guide | Crop King Seeds

 Rockstar Weed: Information and Growing Guide

Rockstar Weed: Information and Growing Guide

Newbies to trying and raising their own cannabis are often concerned about the effects of a certain strain and the challenge of growing it. Even experienced users may opt to take it easy if they want to grow their own weed, including Rockstar weed, without any flops.

Though there are plenty of strains to choose from nowadays, some names may shine brighter than others for exceptional performance. The Rockstar weed has been a hitmaker for its cerebral high that will leave you puffing on repeat. Learn more about the iconic cannabis strain and how you can raise it yourself.

Behind the Rockstar: A Backstage Pass

The celebrity status runs in the family of Rockstar weed. Crossed from the Indica Rockbud, and sativa strain Sensi Star, it was a perfect collaboration.  In 2012, the Rockstar topped the charts and took home the Cannabis Cup for Hybrid Strains in second place. Since then, the strain has claimed a star-studded spot in the cannabis hall of fame.

The All-Star Profile


Rockstar weed has a balance of Indica and sativa traits in its genes, making it a hybrid strain that offers the best of both worlds. 

THC Level

On average, the Rockstar strain contains about 14 to 17 percent of THC on average. If cured or decarbed properly, though, the THC level can go up to 20 percent, just high enough to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Fragrance and Flavor

The aroma and flavor of this strain is quite the remix, combining a sweet fruity grape and citrus scent that is contrasted with a hint of spice and skunk. The fragrance of the cannabis flower is powerful and can linger in a closed room, so don’t be surprised if you get high even without a stick to light.


Indoor growers or those with limited space in their backyard will be pleased to know that the Rockstar likes to stay humble at a small stature. Its compact size makes it easy to store in your home or transfer if needed in case you need to be discreet.


When grown indoors, Rockstar cannabis can yield an average of 8 ounces per square meter. In an outdoor environment, though, you can get as much as 16 ounces of rocking bud per plant.


Is it tough to be a rock legend? For this strain, beginners and pros alike can take on the challenge because it’s as easy as it gets. Some basic maintenance and extra TLC will get you results in no time.


The best time to enjoy a Rockstar show and feel the full effect of it is between late afternoons to dark. If you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming passion project or hobby, this strain of weed is known to promote creative thinking and sharpens focus to motivate you through getting the task done. 

A sense of happiness will start to kick in later on, and soon you won’t even notice your laid back and knocked out on the couch. So if you want to catch some winks, having a Rockstar to take to bed will do the trick. Some side effects to watch out for with this strain are the common dry eyes and dry mouth, so stay hydrated and have a glass of water around when you hit that high note.

Medical Benefits

Though this strain may sound like it’s mainly for recreational use, the Rockstar has a full playlist of remedies and health benefits prescribed to patients. The Rockstar is capable of alleviating tension and has anti-stress properties to help soothe your worn muscles from a busy day at work. 

It is also anti-inflammatory and relieves chronic pain, migraines, headaches, and body pain. Besides this, the strain has been recommended as well to treat nausea and aid in appetite loss. Other uses included the reduced effects of anxiety and depression and treatment for insomnia.

Flowering Period

Rockstar weed grows at a faster rate than most strains, skyrocketing through the growth cycle. In 8 to 9 weeks, it begins to bear buds and go through its flowering period.

Tips on How to Grow Rockstar Weed

Rockstar is both a good strain, to begin with for a newbie, or a quick and easy plant for novices to consider. The strain fares well in indoor and outdoor environments; however, it does have a strong aroma. If you choose to raise this one indoors, we recommend storing it in a well-ventilated area to spare you from its skunk notes and promote air circulation for the plant too. 

Check out these tips:

  • The Rockstar enjoys being the spotlight, so warm and sunny regions are where it likes to tour. You can always recreate the setting inside your home by adjusting the temperature between 21 to 27 degrees Celsius for enough warmth and keeping the plant under a grow lamp. 
  • LED Bulbs are best for raising weed at the 16/8 light cycle. This may be adjusted layer on once it enters the flowering stage. 
  • Soil mediums such as hydroponics and Sea of Green technique will help improve soil quality and speed up growth, plus increase its yield as well. 
  • You can also top or train the rockstar to add more colas. This practice is also beneficial for it to get enough light in all areas of the plant and help air circulate around the leaves and branches. By week 9 to 10, you should be ready to harvest heavy metal buds.

Rock out to these Rockstar Strains

Rockstar Cannabis has since gone on to create a legacy with these rocking strains of its lineage. Give them a try and feel the high of a concert hangover:

  • Rocklock 
  • Rockstar Kush


You might be intimidated by that Rockstar title at first, but this weed strain loves its fans and makes it easy for them to enjoy the show. Great for beginners and even pros, Rockstar weed has a fair amount of THC and will only need basic plant maintenance to thrive. It’s relaxing high, and numerous medical benefits make it a necessity to have around and jam to help you recover or to reward yourself and have a jam with a joint in hand.


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