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Preventing Marijuana Seeds Develop Problem in Nutrition | Crop King Seeds

Preventing Marijuana Seeds Develop Problem in Nutrition

Nutrition problems for your marijuana seeds could prove to be a quite annoying thing, especially that you are stuck with nutrition problems right from the start up to the end. However, you can be able to prevent nutrition issues from occurring into your marijuana plants, and you can do so by first taking care of your marijuana seeds.

What are some of the most common nutrition problems?

There are lots of nutrition problems that are experienced by most marijuana plants. Among these common issues include:

• Calcium deficiency
• Iron deficiency
• Boron deficiency
• Nutrition burn
• Heat stress
• Molds

To solve these problems, you will need a nutritional supplement, usually a Calcium-Magnesium supplement which could treat deficiencies in calcium, iron and magnesium. Also, you could use some kits like the pH kit which helps in regulating the levels of pH in the root zone of your plants.

How to prevent these issues early on?

To prevent your marijuana seeds from suffering such nutrition issues, you need to have them grown at the most ideal condition possible. First, you need to make sure that the lighting system you have can provide the right lighting conditions at the right distance. Don’t place your seeds too close to the light, as this could result to the evaporation of moisture which is essential for them to grow.

Second, you should make sure that the levels of humidity in the environment where your seeds grow should be not more than 45%. Once the humidity is above this level, it could invite molds to appear, thus affecting your seeds’ growth, even destroying them.

Lastly, provide your seeds with the right nutrients even when they started growing. You can do so by sprinkling nutritional supplements to your growth medium, essentially ensuring that your seeds can have nutrients ready for absorption once they started growing.


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