Do you have a business or service that can help our valued growers? If your company has the same high standards as Crop King Seeds, then contact us to put your information in the list below.

“Advanced Hydroponics / Nutirents”

Advancedhydroponics Nutirents Advanced Nutrients : The Only Company that Understands Your Need for High-Yielding, Fast-Growing Plants!. If you’re using fertilizers made by other companies, you’re losing yield and wasting money.

“Chief Greenbud’s Music​”

Chiefgreenbud Logo Chief Greenbud seamlessly combines the humor and irreverence of his outlaw country music heroes with a contemporary pro-marijuana focus that appeals to listeners across genres and generations. Having taken his own personal experiences, along with shared stories from friends and fans and setting them to song, Chief Greenbud has created something extremely unique and entertaining.

“Storage Containers”

Themedtainer The Medtainer is an air tight, water tight storage container with a built in grinding functionality. The Medtainer was created and founded to fill the void the industry has left when looking to be discrete about your medication wherever you are.


Thcuniversity Get certified as a Master Grower, a Budtender and a Vendor all in the comfort of your home with the THC University. This program is 26 hours and includes one on one sessions with instructors and access to the fastest growing job sector in North America.

“Grow Boxes”

Bcnorthernlights BC Northern Lights is the #1 maker of grow boxes for both the home and commercial grower. These boxes have smell free air circulation and are designed to grow short, thick and sticky yields. Check them out today.


Greenplanet Green Planet Wholesale Ltd. is a British Columbia based company specializing in the wholesale distribution of quality impact products for the indoor gardening, hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market.

“LED Grow Lights”

Dormgrow Dorm Grow LED is a direct distributor of G8LED Lighting Company which designs and manufactures high performance and highly efficient LED indoor grow lights. We pride ourselves on Quality, Customer Service and Satisfaction.

“Ideal 420 Soil”

Ideal 420 Soil Logo At Ideal 420 Soil, we believe, and have proven, that our soil—a carefully selected blend of vital nutrients and one that only requires watering—grows the highest quality marijuana in the marketplace.

“Skyhigh Products”

Smallskyhigh Skyhigh Products is rapidly growing with popularity. We pride ourselves on our Skyhigh brand and the quality of items we carry. Our goal is to keep our customers and supporters happy and provide them with the newest and best products available.


Chrontainer Bring your Chrontainer To The Beach, Poolside, @The Club, To class, fishing Trips, Surfing, road Trips, snowboarding Camping, ConcerTs, OuT on a daTe, even To Work.

“LED Grow Lights”

Promaxgrow 25% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING! VEG & FLOWER 1 Light, Ask the KING they work. Use promo code: KING Over 30 years manufacturing specialty lighting the KING says “Go with PMG your plants will be dancing”.

“Lifestyle Magazine”

Cronic Mag Logo The winds of change are upon us as the landscape of medical marijuana is shifting to accommodate an entirely new and recreational market, one that caters to anyone over 21! Along with other provisions, such as the freedom to grow your own plants and the freedom to cultivate hemp in the U.S for the first time since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

“LED Grow Lights”

Lushledlighting Logo Lush Lighting products are different than other agricultural grow lights. Where most LED lights fail, we excel! Increase the yield, taste, aroma and density of your harvest! When quality and quantity are a must, Lush Lighting products produce superior results!


Ctu FullLogo From seeds to edibles and every step along the way, our comprehensive online video courses will prepare you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to successfully start growing your own medical grade marijuana at your own pace.

“THC Jobs”

THCJobsLogo Our goal everyday is to connect passionate and talented people with incredible companies and organizations in the marijuana industry. We started THCJobs in 2011 with a simple goal, create a network of candidates and employers specifically for our growing industry of Cannabis production, distribution and sales.

“OCN Garden Center”

OrdinaryGarden Fully stocked garden center, all you need for your garden to get started and make it grow, plus indoor plants, gift store, home decor, statuary, pots, beneficial insects, friendly knowledgable staff. We’ve made it our business to help you grow.

“Stoner Joe the Bunny”

Tumblr Inline Neho69DHqo1rhisfd – Stoner Joe the Bunny is an episodic comedic comic book series with a cannabis theme. The series is about a bud-toking bunny and the various weed-themed stories and adventures of his life. These are not the typical stories of a stoned couch potato. While we see the many-and quite often humorous-ways in which weed becomes central to the theme of each story, the characters are not stereotypical one-note potheads.

“Weed Pals”

Weedpals weedPals, a social site dedicated to everything surrounding medical cannabis usage and growing to the vibrant lifestyle and passions it promotes.

“Store My Cannabis​”

Store My Cannabis is dedicated to providing all the info about cannabis, alongside some cultivation tips, pointers on selecting the right cannabis seeds for growing them indoors and outdoors.

“Marijuan / Cannabis Jobs​”

Weedhire Logo is a career website specifically targeting employment within the legal cannabis industry. Our mission is to help our clients hire the most qualified individuals and to help those individuals find the best job opportunities in their respective fields furthering their careers.

“NW Cannabis Classic​”

NWCannabisClassic The NW Cannabis Classic is a multi-city cannabis convention, competition, and conference taking place in Anchorage, Alaska, Tacoma, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

“Magical Butter​”

Logo® a special culinary device that extracts the benefits from botanical ingredients into your everyday foods. Many people using’s patent-pending technology are reducing or eliminating their dependence on pharmaceutical pills simply by changing their diet and adding botanical extracts.

“Rolling Stoned Magazine​”

Rolling Stoned Magazine Logo Our Rolling Stoned Magazine site is a Canadian cannabis focused magazine with a circulation of 20,000. We focus on Cannabis, cannabis reform and all things cannabis culture.

“Cannabis Connects Global​”

Cannabis Connects Global Logo CannabisConnectsGlobal is here to help and assist members reach their full potential. As this movement grows and legalization spreads nationwide, our Directory will feed others with what we like to call the “formula for success” (thats you) the pioneers, the beginning of something monumental, a movement that has the power to save and change lives and with this unity we can only grow. Love life,Live Green

“The App That Delivers​”

Doobsterlogo Doobster is the future of fast, efficient, and secure marijuana delivery. We are your very own marijuana delivery app, assisting you at your convenience. Join the Doobster revolution, and let’s make history together!

“Cannabis Quake​”

Cannabisquake Logo As a leading provider of cannabis educational materials, literature, and products, Cannabis Quake takes pride in offering the best marijuana resources on the market.

“All Dub”

Alldub Logo Allbud is your comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, strains and doctors.
AllBud’s primary focus is to provide the best online information for patients seeking relief from their ailments through state-licensed medical marijuana programs, CBD programs, and state-licensed recreational facilities.

“Canabis Jobs”




At CannabisJobs.US we believe in promoting the Cannabis and Marijuana industry by connecting like minded people with jobs and opportunities.

“Green Screen”

Screenyourgreen Logo Greenscreen Labs is a research focused company, dedicated to plant testing and innovative solutions for the hydroponic industry.

“Pipen Bong”

Pipenbong Logo – The #1 Online Head is a online retailer, specializing as an online head shop-smoke shop. We sell a variety of tobacco-420 glass pipes, water-pipes, glass bubblers, glass smoking spoons, 420 pipes and bongs, scales, pipes n bongs, pipes and bongs, and soon to come: 420 gear and gift sets.

“Weeds That Please”

Weedsthatpleaselogo Your best source for cannabis growing tips & medical marijuana seeds, education & trusted weed resources. We would like to offer and dedicate this website to all of our friends in need of buying quality marijuana seeds including education, information and resources on growing that marijuana successfully indoors.

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

“Add Your Company Here”

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